Annual check up for AF patients?

I am well controlled with Flecainide, Bisoprolol and also Dabigatran, although my heart rate is around 37 during the night and around 53 in the day, rising to 95 when very active, briskly walking etc. So I feel OK, but I haven’t been offered an EP appointment, for 18 months now. Is it because I don’t need to have one? I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

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  • I would imagine you should have perhaps had one at 6 month intervals, or even 12 months. I would also consider you've been given an "open appointment" where you don't need re-referral to your EP but can ring up if you still have problems!

  • I’ve never had annual or regular appointments but I can get an appointment if I need it quite quickly.

    My GP practice does the annual monitoring and refers as and when they see anything they think should be checked out or if I ask anything they can’t answer they write.

    I think it seems to depend on your local Trust.

  • I used to have 6 monthly checks with my EP but to be honest, each one just became a routine with no results. So he suggested not bothering, and said you know where we are if you need us. So I'll just get in touch as and when I feel there's something needs doing.

    My GP surgery also does an annual basic health check, and fairly thorough blood test - liver, potassium, cholestoral etc etc. They do this automatically for anyone with a heart or stroke related problem or potential problem. Might be worth asking at your surgery if they have similar if you're not doing this already? Think ours is a Shropshire thing, so it might be a post code lottery!


  • Many thanks to you all for these helpful responses.

  • I get confused with my hospital check ups. Went every 3 months when first diagnosed, then 6 months, then told I was discharged from the hospital and carry on with my GP. There is now rhyme or reason to my hospital checkups now just get a letter out of the blue even though I am apparently discharged from them. I have a yearly full blood test done through my GP but I always have to ask for them, it is not automatic. Everytime I ask my GP I get the same answer - ah yes it is about time for them.

    I have recently transferred to a EP at Papworth, yesterday I received a letter for a check up at my local cardio unit early in the new year - will have to find out what that is about - probably haven't caught with events yet!


  • Every 6 months a blood test with gp for liver and kidney function due to being on rivaroxaban. Otherwise call to either gp or cardiologist if I'm worried about anything. I have PAF.

  • Over the first 4 years of AF I have 6 monthly private appointments with my cardiologist as I valued the comments on my lifestyle and supplement regime, albeit he has been mainly noncommittal. I am now lengthening that to once a year. Costly but I have found it helpful in terms of peace of mind if nothing else nb good mental health is equally important when dealing with AF due to the Vagus Nerve.

  • I have a minimum of an annual check by the GP Practice.

  • Me too, by a nurse, who also clearly hadn’t read my file properly! My husband has type 1 diabetes and he’s 72, so he does get to see a doc.

  • Was diagnosed with Paf about 5 years ago. Given Warfarin etc and left to get on with it. Just recently we have had a run of locums at our Surgery who all tried altering my drugs. One finally decided to send me to see a cardiologist- jackpot! I am to have an echocardiogram, a three day monitor, another change of drug and finally, the Holy Grail, see an EP.


  • Great! Me too,following blue light trip,now goibg to see EP on nhs.

    Hope you get on ok

  • Had a quick trip to A&E back in February but still nothing until last week


  • Good luck with your new EP. I believe all of us afibbers need to be under an EP. Though I know that's not always possible. Try, though, to get under the care of an EP. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

  • I dimly remember seeing one of our practice doctors about 18 months ago for a checkup. It was just a 'how are you,' 'okay thanks' thing, I can't even remember if he took my blood pressure. Not been asked for one since and as I do my INR at home I haven't seen anyone for ages... Beginning to wonder if they have all run away and left me to it!

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