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So as some of you know I was part of dr Sabine Ernst trial for the ganglionated plexi ablation,

Well I had my 6 month check up yesterday which consisted of an ultrasound and the new scans which targets more accurately these areas, glad to say all went well I'm the last on the trial to undergo the 6 month scans, next one is at 12 months where I'll get to run on the treadmill... oh joy😂😂

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  • sounds good Jugsy.

  • Great news juggsy - keep well.

  • Such good news.

  • very very good

  • Excellent news , keep up with the exercises .

  • Pleased to hear all is going well Jugsy.

  • That's really great to hear Juggsy!

  • That is fab news . X

  • So pleased to hear the good news Juggsy

  • 👍👍

  • Brilliant news. Well done you for taking part in the trial gives us all hope.

  • This very interesting because in US there is great hesitation to do something like that. Actually nobody does it here. You must have a paroxysmal afib of vagal character. I would like to know about it more. I would appreciate it.


  • What would you like to now

  • I have a vagal paroxysmal afib and that is often connected with ganglia or better said the ganglia are source of the vagal atrial fibrillation. I was trying to find out who did any research on it in US. It was Dr. Jackman long time ago who did some experiments with dogs and ganglia. First, I consulted electrophysiologist in San Francisco and there I was offered a complicated surgery to remove some ganglia . Here in Washington DC a quite well known ablation surgeon said no because it is is extremely risky to reach the ganglia in the fat pads on the surface of the left atrium. Finally, I went to Johns Hopkins for cryoablation and here I am with a new atrial finbrillation several months after my ablation. Unfortunaly, 100MG Flecainide didn't stop it. After 24 hours of Afib I am waiting what the doctor at John Hopkins has for me. I think the vagal afib would have to be approached differently. I am asking several questions: why did you selected this trial and what did they tell you about the procedures and outcome.

    Thank you,


  • Not sure if mine is vsgal, I had 1-2 episodes so wanted to strike early in diagnosis, so I signed up to a trial by dr Sabine Ernst whereby I had a standard rf pulmonary vein isolation and had some of my ganglionated plexi which were found to be active by a scan I had with a brand new imaging camera it was this es scan that was the trial I beieve.... I'm currently undergoing my check ups, had repeat scans last week to check if any of the nerve endings had reconnected after ablation

  • Thank you for writing me about your trial. After my ablation that was last year in September I got recently I mean in April and partial in May an atypical flutter that doesn't react to flecanide . There must have been connection between two pulmonary veins that had been ablated and I got a new electrical circuit that presents itself as the an atypical flutter. This illness is so unpredictable and changing constantly.

  • During my ablation they noticed I also had flutter in my right atria so the ablated that aswell

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