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A Great help

Hi fellow sufferers

I an 69 and have had AF on and off until now for 7 years

Now it seems on permanent at least has been on for nearly 6 months.

I say a big thanks that you kind people who have taken the trouble to share your knowledge.

My long standing BP and BPM rate is vastly improved due to acting on information from this forum.

Ie.Extra virgin Olive oil,magnesium,plenty of water...avoiding the triggers..all this thanks to forum members not docs has made all my readings near normal.

All i want now is for the AF to revert naturally

May i pass this on to all ..You can get a blood pressure monitor cheaply from Boots

that will tell you BPM and also will indicate if the heartbeat is irregular

Hope this helps.....love to all

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Nice post Harrybin - it’s great that you too have found the forum to be invaluable.

Well done getting your BP under control - it was my Omron BP monitor that first indicated things weren’t right, even though all my tests and ECG’s came back as normal. Just be aware that the BP reading can be influenced by AF.

Have you been assessed for anti-coagulation?


Yes Thanks on apixaban but its beginning to have an affect on hair


In the same boat! Still taking sotalol 240mgs daily but no longer helping. What rates are you doing now and what was the most helpful advice you had to lower the rate? I have been doing anything between 119- 142bpm six months now Had fib/flutter 25 years controlled well for five years with drugs until an ablation which made it much worse hence the need for triple the drugs . Hope the low rates continue for you.


By the way I sent off for an Alivecor Kardia device and downloaded the App on my iPhone. It records ECG’s together with history and journals. You can email them to EP direct from phone and you can also get a personal UK EP diagnosis and full report for under five dollars. It’s invaluable. The device is about £100 but worth it!! Good luck


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