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Footballer has ablation

Manchester United captain Micheal Carrick 36 has had to undergo a cardiac ablation after tests had shown that he had abnormal heart rhythms. He is now recovered from the procedure and is looking to get fit and back in contention for the team. This is truly insperational to us all and we should take great encouragement from him and wish him well.

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As someone who is a similar age, and also plays football (although admittedly at a slightly lower level!), I am certainly encouraged by this story. I'd love to find out more about what his condition actually was, all the newspapers are carrying the same limited amount of information about it.

One of my fears is that ablation will somehow mean I can never play again. He seems to be on the verge of playing again within a few months.


I have turned down the opportunity of ablation for similar reasons and I thought it may cause more heart damage long term. But I will certainly be following this story closely. Good enough for a pro footballer good ebough for me!

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