I Get Irregular Heart Beats When I eat more than a small meal

I have lost 26 pounds and do not need to loose another pound. However I have become paranoid about eating. Almost everytime I eat I get irregular beats. I stop eating immediately. I guess the Afib ablation won't take care,of that problem? Or did ablation cause it from all the inflammation? Anyone else have problems eating if you happen to eat more than a bird?

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  • I have to be very careful around eating as it can easily trigger AF - tends to be vagal AF. I find any carbohydrates will trigger it especially. But more importantly for me is staying still for about 20-30 mins after eating. I can’t even stand up sometimes without triggering it. It’s not that unusual but it should’t stop you eating.

    May I also suggest that you stop worrying as that will make it worse for sure! Keep calm and practice slow, regular square breathing for 20 mins after eating a meal.

    Vagus nerve reacts to stomach and to anxiety. Look out for the recent Dr Sanjay Gupta video on the subject - use search box but posted quite recently on his FB page, YouTube & this forum.

  • Oh the Vegas nerve reacts to stomach and to anxiety....that's why I could only eat small portions even before ablation. It wasn't afib back then but rather some other kind of hit and miss irregular beats that would last at least 30 minutes or more. I had forgotten that

  • Same here. I just eat child-sized meals and graze all day on nuts, bananas, whatever. Although if I do get heart wobbles after eating, it doesn't bother me because I know what's caused it and that it will go away.

  • Try cutting out gluten and eating smaller meals, it works for me. I also try not to walk for a while immediately after eating.


  • Small meals for me as well. Stomach issues after Cryoablation 17 months ago. Damage to the vagal nerve l think.

  • Why do you think you have damage? That would mean we all have damage? I thought maybe it went away within the 3 months.

  • Hi All. I viewed the Dr. S Youtube video and had a eureka moment. For me eating/digestion is the main AF trigger. I'm now trying to prevent reflux rather than focus so much on other AF triggers, ie preventing things that will enlarge my esophagus which then twinge the heart.

    I suggest you eat small and keep down the carbs as they can increase wind up and down. Certain breathing exercises can reduce internal inflammation plus create a more relaxed state of mind. Also do a little google research on reflux prevention. It may well help you.

    Good luck.

    Alan L

  • You appear to have vagally mediated PAF and need a lot of homework on the Vagus Nerve. In the meantime, reduce gluten and sugar by 50% as one possible improver. Good Luck.

  • Yes I am going through this post ablation now 3 months on . finding it very disappointing and have had my Holter monitor on for 2 days now and it all makes sense as I right in my diary when I get them . And it’s always about 10 minuets after food or drinks. I was hopeful that the procedure would have fixed this but now after doing my research have found it doesn’t. Sorry to not have a more positive attitude about it , but I think we are on this same rocky experience and it gets me down . I think i have a vagal problem. I had the same problem before my procedure and was under the impression that the ablation would fix it . But the more I read up on it the more I think I want off these beater blockers as soon as possible as going by my research it can make them worse . I would speak to your rhythm nurse about it as if your like me you are probably feeling worried and just want to eat a meal without getting these horrible things. I am by no means saying you have the same problem as me , and I am just giving you my opinion on my own symptoms at the moment as we are all different. But I honestly thought this was gone and it’s mentally exhausting and getting me down 😔 sorry to be no help to you but I am having a real bad time with this at the moment and just feel it’s got worse after ablation. I hope you get sorted soon and hopefully your symptoms will get better.

    Best wishes

    Sam ❤️

  • I definitely notice my heart rate feeling strange after eating and sometimes it’s not big meals. I do feel “odd” for a bit but it does pass. I’m 10 months post ablation. The rhythm does not go out of sinus but it definitely has a blip. I think it’s because the vagus nerve is close to the oesophagus (I think).

  • My AF triggers are: large volume of food, sugar, starches, or moving about after eating. I was overweight before the AF became a serious problem, so am now happy that eating much smaller quantities, and almost eliminating starches and sugars have resulted in a slimmer and healthier me. Processed foods with chemicals such as MSG and maltodextrin are also a trigger.

    But for someone who doesn't need to lose weight, I can imagine this will be a nuisance. If you need to take in more calories in a small volume, maybe try eating crunchy peanut butter, or cheese (unprocessed and organic if possible), or raw nuts, or virgin olive oil as a dressing.

    Good luck :o)

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