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Atenolol Shortage

Hi everyone -I was wondering if anyone has had to switch their medicine from atenolol to metoprolol er succinate -I take 25mg in the am and half a pill in pm. I did really well with the atenolol but it’s only been two days with metoprolol but I don’t feel well -I feel nervous and quezy early and then as the day goes on I start to feel better but was wondering if this is normal and does it just take awhile for your body to adjust to the new medicine -I did not know there was a shortage until I picked up my prescription and the pharmacist told me and she said I would not notice a difference -my EP never called to tell me I had been switched. Also wondered if everyone on metroprolol succinate were getting good results. I know have to give it a chance but wondered what results others were having -I like that old saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but guess it does not apply to medicine!!!!!

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They havent switched my atenalol yet but I have noticed that a lot of my medication have been from different Companies to the ones I previously had. I have been told that statins such as Simvistatin are mainly prescribed because it is the cheapest even though the GPs etc. know how many side effects people get from these. I asked for Atorvastatin which is more expensive but it has less side effects, and reluctantly I was prescribed this one. I take Fybogel and last time I picked up my script they gave me a cheaper Fibre Ispaghula drink but it does not work and tastes horrid. I asked GP and Chemist to change it back and they said it is because Fybogel is expensive and the other one is cheaper. I rest my case!


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