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After my last ablation ( June/17) I was told I should be on xeralto for life, I’m 65 in January. I live 6 months of the year in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and 6 months in Western Canada.

I have been in Mexico 2 (Miserable) 😰 weeks now. My problem is I can’t stop sweating! Not just a little but I’m sopping wet. Almost unable to do anything.

I did notice I found it extra warm this past summer in Canada but never really thought about it.

I was told by my dr to take the Xeralto in the morning, do you think if I took it at night it may help with the sweating during the day. I understand Xeralto is a short life (24 hrs it’s out of your system)

Any help or info would be great! I can’t take 6 months if this.

It’s 38c with a humidity of 89 today. Usually it doesn’t bother me.

Xeralto is the only medication I take.

Thank you

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Hi I take my Xarelto every evening with my evening meal. I should think it would be worth trying taking it later to see if that makes a difference for you so you can enjoy 😉 that lovely warmth and sunshine ☀️

Sent from foggy UK where temperatures are dropping as we head into winter!

Deeply envious Liz

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Thank you! I think I will give it a try tomorrow night. I’m originally from England, Purley Surrey.😘

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I have never found Xeralto to make me sweat but as I got older ( 65 now) heat does take more time to adjust to , and I used to work outside in 40c most summers with 26% humidity.

89% humidity is very high at the old 100f , I think its just nasty weather your "enjoying"


Have you had your thyroid levels checked recently? I have the impression that they can be related to problems with excessive sweating.


38C with 89% humidity would get anyone sweating! It was similar to that when I was working in Chennai and I could only manage about 30 mins outside before going back to the aircon! But I've trekked through desert in Arizona and Death Valley at 44C with 10-20% humidity with much less of a problem.

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Hi MarkS recently walked in Death Valley around Badwater Basin and Stovepike Wells temp touching 51 (127f) i have persistent AF...there is life after AF


Hi Roy,

Fantastic isn't it? We did Badwater, Dantes peak, Desolation Canyon East and Natural Bridge. We did it in October when it was still very hot. I don't think I could have moved at 51 though! I had a successful ablation 8 years ago so I'm very pleased and grateful to be able to do these things.


We did Death Valley in early September twice lol!!!! We just love the States. Even thou I am in persistant AF I am lucky to be pretty much symptom free. Although, I am now unable to enjoy the Ironman triathlons, which I loved when I was younger...so not sure if its the AF or father time thats stopping me from competing....but there does come a time I suppose. Just keep ploughing on until they put me in the bye bye box Cheers Roy


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