New and nervous

New and nervous

Well, not exactly nervous but "unsure" didn't sound so catchy! I don't do social media normally.

I've had AF for a few years but not diagnosed til last year. I had a scary session last night and again this morning which sent me to search the net again, that's when I found you!

So, hello

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  • Hello! Sorry to hear about your rough night! Rest assured we all know how you might be feeling as we all have been there multiple times.. are you currently seeing an EP cardiologist? If not I would highly recommend finding one! There are treatments for A-Fib and this group has been a wonderful support for myself and others. So welcome, feel free to ask any questions and hopefully find your answers. You are not alone!!

  • Hi, thanks for the welcome. I'll have a think, put some questions in order, then I'll be back🤔. Thanks again

  • If you go to AfF Association website there are many fact sheets and booklets to help you to understand this mongrel condition and we are always here to fill in any gaps..

  • Thanks, I'll do that.

  • Hello Joynjoy :-) welcome...

    'Scary sessions ' are normal for Afibbers you are not alone.

  • Afibbers! Ha! I like that😀

  • Hi Joynjoy and welcome to our forum. Most of us on this site know exactly how you felt with your scary episode last night. I used to feel sure that I was going to die as my heart bounced around in my chest, but am still here many years later. I guess you know that AF is very unlikely to be the cause of death.

    What medication are you on and are you on some form of anticoagulant?

    We are all here to offer you the support you need, so fire away with any questions you may have and as Bob has suggested go to the AF Association and read up on AF so that you understand it more.

    Big hug.


  • Hi, thankyou.

    I'm on Bisoprolol and Warfarin. Standard treatment I understand.

    That "heart bouncing round your chest" feeling is horrible isn't it! I do know now that my best way through it is to relax, I usually doze off! But I was surprised by it's return this morning. It saps your strength too doesn't it.


  • Hi and welcome to the AFA forum. There's a lyric by Clive James that goes; "...a station I achieved but didn't choose...". That's AF. There's a lot of us who've discovered they have AF, as well as others who have yet to find out. It's good to share our experiences from exercise to medication; you are now part of a community who understands your fears and frustrations.


  • Thanks. I look forward to the learning!

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