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Hi all,

I had my first AF episode when I was 27, that was chemically stopped, I then got fit lost loads of weight and never had another problem. Until last night when I suffered another AF episode ( put wieght back incidentally) my main point is the doctor said it will happen and again, but felt I do not warrant drugs as it maybe lifestyle related. Has anyone else had them told this?

Had Cardioversion last night, my blood pressure was excellent and they said my heart was in tiptop shape.

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The docs told me it would happen again, and would have to live with it!

I was around 19 when I had first episode, I have had around 2/3 a year since then.

For me it has not been to do with weight,I have always been around 11 stone, probably too skinny at 6ft 1!!

Mine is triggered by stress, exercise, some foods and alcohol.

Have you noticed any triggers?

Like yours I do not like the idea of drugs each day


I was not healthy so going to cut out all alcohol and caffiene to see how that goes, plus I have not been sleeping only getting 3-4 hours a night


I have found making sure I have enough potassium and magnesium in diet (not supplements as can be dangerous ) helps reduce episodes. Also exercising more- am elderly so won't be your level of exercise!!


Thanks Rosie


My sister had a few small episodes of AF and when she went to see her GP, her GP said that she had had them too, but they had stopped when she lost weight. My sister has not had any more for what must be about 5+ years.


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