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Wow, don't know what just hit me


Had an extraordinarily stressful few days. Our house extension builder has conned us out of £22k and we just found out about it. I had a super stressful morning dealing with the fallout. I slept for 20 minutes last night in total. More bad news this morning, and the stress haze suddenly descended. I was on my own, so decided to drive to my parents who are 30 minutes away. I took 2mg of diazepam before I left as i was feeling so appalling. (First one I've had in over a week).

My heart was in NSR when I left but more ectopics than normal beats.

20 minutes into the drive, my thoughts suddenly turned on me and I said to myself "I'm having a nervous breakdown right now" (i don't even know what one is). My HR took off. I held onto sanity by my finger nails.

I arrived safely 10 mins later. It felt a lot longer. I was in AF when i arrived.

What the hell just happened to me? Did I just have an acute anxiety attack which triggered AF or was that just a straight up brutal AF attack?

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Does it really matter what it was?

Unless you are superman the sort of s--t you just got dealt is enough to send anybody into a spin. Adrenaline accelerates the heart and that in turn can bring on AF but then so can a panic attack if you are that way inclined. Please don't beat yourself up as I'm sure it is more than most of us could cope with.

It would be stupid of me to say relax right now as I know you can't but softly softly catchy monkey and I am sure you will regain control and move on.


Mejulie69 in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob, I have come down from the ceiling now. Feeling much better.

Oh no, well what a recipe for an af attack and or panic attack or both. This sort of stress is a real trigger for either or both. So sorry you are going through such hassle physically, emotionally and financially.

Pleased you are safe and reached your family and surrounded now with caring people able to support you.

Somehow someway together you will sort this particular financial nightmare and I do hope it's resolved quickly and you can get your heart back on track.

Thinking of you and sending supportive cyber hugs. X

Mejulie69 in reply to meadfoot

Thank you for your lovely words

Such a dreadful thing to have to cope with - shock, lack of sleep and stress are enough to knock most of us for six.

Well done indeed for coping with it and happily, for arriving in one piece with your parents. Their support and comfort will calm your heart down and allow you to get your head around this.

Remember, we are here for you to 'talk' to and offer support. Big cyber hug to you and your family.

Mejulie69 in reply to Finvola

Thank you. Your words are very insightful and that makes me feel better for knowing I am not alone.

Just to say I'm thinking of you Julie, as you go through this tough period which would stress anyone. I hope everything will eventually turn out well for you. Lovely support you've had from other members.


Thank you Jean

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I am still feeling very fragile. This is such a foreign feeling to me. But now, I am hoping to get a good night's sleep and start tomorrow feeling a lot better.

Just sending big hugs - what a terrible thing to happen, no wonder you went into AF! Take care of yourself...

What a horrible experience, sending cyber hugs.

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