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You know what I love?

Went into hospital with gall bladder pain - my own fault became complacent ate too much crap...and ended up back home very tired, dehydrated and having missed some meds and supplements wondering if I would go into AF.

Woke up this morning in AF - nothing too severe, I could still get around and do things slowly which is odd for me - usually if and when I AF its immediately severe so I assume all that magnesium has helped alleviate the symptoms some what.

Anyway had my meds plus some extra magnesium and hoped that it would stop eventually. Pottered around making my lunch, cursing myself for my over indulgence that wound me up in hospital.

Now - you know what I love?

That moment when you suddenly realise the AF has stopped! I was starting to wash up, looked up and thought "Woo hoo - back to normal!"

Isn't that just an awesome feeling - getting back into NSR? :)

I was dreading trying to cope with work and now I can jump in the shower happy as Larry and vroom off to work!

So yes I hate the start of AF but I LOVE the end of it :)

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I know the feeling well. It can happen so suddenly it makes me jump sometimes!


Lovely post - to find something positive about AF - very Pollyanna! I like!


Oh I SO agree! It's great, knowing you can just put it behind you and carry on as normal. If mine lasts more than about 4 hours I start to get anxious, and wonder if this is the one where I go into persistent af and never come out of it....That has never happened but I still worry. Occasionally I have felt wiped out after an episode, but the vast majority I recover from (oooh, bad English) and go from a gasping moaning wreck to bright and breezy in , wait for it....a heartbeat! JanR

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"a heartbeat" Oh please LOL


Sounds good. Wish I could do that. I have to be connected up to the mains to get mine back into NSR!


I've only ever reverted back to NSR once without a jump start...... the other 5 times I'd needed help. It was a great feeling, it does/did make me feel awful..... weak as a kitten, light headed, like I just wanted to crawl around from place to place....

The one time they didn't cardiovert me (it had been a week since my last one and I had popped back into AF) I was sat in A&E resus feeling awful, washed out.... worried about what would happen cos they wouldn't shock me so soon after the last.... then POP! And I felt amazing.

You only realise how bad you felt when you start to feel good again.


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