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The Multi Infart Dementia / Vascular? Connection

Since there appears to be a genetic connection , my Late Mother had severely to point she couldn't move , speak understand barely swallowing you would think when you offer your case for Research, and hers , they would be overjoyed ? Oh no it becomes a funding issue lumped in with Alzheimers using criteria to exclude e.g.: you haven't been diagnosed , and ,when that comes.... will probably be too late as money has become more important it appears .And , because it sits on the cusp of physical & mental its treatment can be manipulated into oblivion .It is very strange the only test given was the one had for educational Dyspraxia found on my MA 2003 .Am I guinea pig do nothing then purloin my Notes when no longer here- Watchful Waiting? As that is how it appears with most of Doctors should be seeing in NHS also working in the Private sector too so a fair second opinion cannot be obtained ,Pre- existing conditions cannot enable you to get Insurance when Hippocratic oaths are no longer taken !I wonder why?

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Sorry you are having a difficult time, are there other members of your family affected, sorry if I miss words out, just had an ablation and my eyes are a bit distorted yet. I came across your post by accident.


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