How are all the folk who had ablations in April and May?

It would be good to hear progress reports from you all. Ihad my second ablation on May 12th in Birmingham.

It has taken me a while to feel ' normal'!!! There are lots of discomforts to get over!! And some people take longer than others..being 64 slowed me down!!

I had migraine in recovery and daily until a couple weeks ago and worried about the cerebral effects but brain seems back in gear and i had three weeks away from desk.

Groin was a bit sore for a few weeks but fine now.

Oesophagus and stomach were tender and felt bloated for few weeks...all settled now.

Took me a few weeks to be able to lie down flat to sleep too.

Best AF or flutter...just get odd PAC and PVCs and heart rate up and down....trying to wean myself of AliveCor app!!!!

Still taking 50mg Flec twice a day and 1.25mg Bisoprolol and have follow up review next week.

Have felt it hard living on my own coping with this as people think you have had a minor procedure, but this forum is a comfort blanket.

Hoping this ablation lasts longer than 14 months.

I hope you are doing well too.....Ann

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  • Hi Ann. That sounds pretty good now. How nice to be only 64! But I'm sorry you have had the bother of migraines. I had an ablation in March and am very happy with the way things are, except that I've had three little AF type wobbles. Nothing in the last month. I'm also on 50mg flec twice a day now - but so much better than 150mg x2 which I was on before. I see my EP in a couple of weeks. Should have been this week but it was postponed. Rather a long gap I feel - almost four months. Let us know how you get on! All the best, Lisa

  • I had cryo ablation coupled with radiofrequency ablation about the same time as you. I had almost no discomfort and was absolutely fine as long as I didn't push too hard. I have had no AF and just a very few isolated ectopics. I am still on diltiazem 180 and omeprazole20 along with warfarin. One thing I have noticed is that my pulse rate is much higher. Before the operation my resting rate was in the low 50s and now it is 70 to 80 but seems to be slowing down a little. I feel about 95% normal and ready to start doing some things a bit more adventurous. It has certainly made a huge difference to me , I am planning my adventures with a lot more confidence and my pulse oximeter sits on the shelf most the time now.

  • Yes my pulse is up - from low 50s to mid 60s. I'll echo your last two sentences as well, kakapo.

  • Raised heart rate is a side product of ablation and well known although doctors forget to tell you. Mine sat around 80 for about eight months post my last ablation but eventually returned to normal..

  • Thanks Bob. It wasn't mentioned. It's a bit slower now and seems less odd!

  • Not in the last few months, but I had my ablation in Birmingham (Dr Marshall) 10 years ago, I was 55. I felt a bit tight in the chest for say a week, and the groin wound took time to heal so I had to be careful, but other than that it was 100% success and I was straight back to work 3 days after the procedure but only tractor driving and such things, no lifting, handling sheep etc. I wouldn't recommend doing that by the way, but I "had" to. I came straight off all drugs except Aspirin (at the time, now Warfarin) and I was clear of what was very bad 24/7 AF for the next 8 years. In fact I'm apparently still clear of AF now (may be a bit there) but something else is happening, so back on other drugs.

    Hope it works for you for a long time.


  • Ann, thank you so much for taking the trouble to up-date us. It means a great deal to those of us awaiting ablation. I'm glad that you are making steady progress and I hope that you stay AF free.

  • I had my ablation in February. I was one of the lucky ones who had no problems afterwards. I do now have a fast heart rate (regularly 95ish), which my AF nurse says is atrial flutter. I somehow slipped through the net and don't have my first EP appointment for 2 weeks. May need a cardioversion or another ablation, but we will see. I'm still glad I had it done!

    All the best to everyone in recovery.

  • Im just about to have my first ablation but it seems a bit daunting. I have 2-3 AF episodes a year but the symptoms are getting worse and drugs just don't stop it. The last time my blood pressure dropped and my heart rate dropped below 40 bpm. I was hospitalised for 24 hrs and it took me a week to recover. Im worried that post ablation will be rough. Should I try it or put up with the episodes I have. My cardiologist says my AF will keep getting worse. Any advice please ?

  • Waiting for first ablation is daunting, fear of the unknown! When I woke up in recovery, I thought...why was I worried, and during recovery period of several weeks afterwards, I thought the same....the discomforts are minor compared to having AF episodes which were debilitating for me....and when your symptoms get worse, and meds do sometimes is the positive option to have ablation.

    So, dont worry about post ablation...most people bounce back quickly, I think it depends how fit you are prior to the ablation too. I was fitter for this second one and all say how quicker I have recovered.

    Any questions, do ask! Having someone to talk about it helps!

    Where are you having it done?


  • Ann, I am having it done at North Staffs privately via BUPA - am grateful I dont have to wait too long - probably end July (if my INR settles). My EP says it could take 1-7 days to recover but likely its the sedation effect rather than ablation. Im starting a new job next wk and worried about time off too. I was determined to have the ablation but time is making me nervous and my family dont necessarily agree. My father and sister both have AF too but Dad has coped well on drugs alone. Steph

  • If yours goes like mine you'll be wondering what you were worried about. First one I was sedated only, which worried me. It was fascinating and I could not feel anything much at all and time just flew by. Second was under GA and I just walked in, then woke up in bed. Don't know what drugs they give you but on both occasions I felt brilliant afterwards, especially the GA one.

    I am hoping to have another in the next year or three and can't wait. Hate taking drugs even though mine are working great, how are they working great, what are they doing we don't know about?


  • Hi, going for my first ablation next month. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is my motto! good luck with your procedure.

  • Hello Ann. I had my ablation done on May 22nd. I felt a bit 'spaced out' for a few days and groin was a bit achy for a week or so. I had a couple of longish about 6 hour) AF episodes within the first two weeks but since then, nothing apart from the odd ectopic and they're getting less. I'm a runner and my AF was exercise-induced most of the time. I'm back training now with no AF. I'm 57 and fairly fit. I've never taken anything for it apart from the warfarin that I was put on ore-ablation and will continue to be on until at least 5 months post ablation.

    Snootyfox - I urge you not to worry about your ablation (although I can understand as I was anxious before mine). Whatever the future holds for me AF wise, I'll never regret having it done and I wouldn't hesitate to have another one if I need to. Good luck. Let us know how you get on. Sue

  • Sue, thanks this really does help. I had forgotten how supportive the AF forums are. Steph

  • Oh and heartrate wise - my resting heartrate was 48-50 pre- ablation and is now 54 - so pretty similar.

  • I had my ablation on 19th March, had 1st bout of AF only 5 days later and was put on 50mg Flec twice a day. Unfortunately I have had many AF episodes since, sometimes 2 a week, one time I went 3 weeks, they have all lasted longer than pre ablation - longest 34 hours, usually around 24-30. My pulse had hovered mid 40's for years and is the same now. I am awaiting my follow up appointment, I chased it up and was told there is a backlog in a very apologetic voice, I am ok with that, at least I know I am on the list and have not fallen into that large black hole that some hospitals have. All in all I am pretty fed up at times. I am missing gardening as the bending forward seems to be a trigger, I triggered an episode last week bending down to pick my dogs poo when I was out walking. You just never know how and when it will start do you. Keep smiling - we will get sorted.

  • Glad you have a positive attitude. I too have found bending forward is a bad idea. You're on quite a low dose of flecainide. I started on 100mgs twice a day after my first ablation and had no AF - until my dose was lowered to 50x2. Looking back, I think my first ablation didn't really have much effect and my a second one could have been a couple of years earlier. I just kept taking the flecainide.

  • I received a letter from my EP on Saturday, with the results of a 24hr monitor some weeks ago. This was informing me that I was in NSR for the time the monitor was fitted (no surprise there), and subsequently that when I get my follow up appointment they will "probably" withdraw my Flecainide. So, because I was in NSR for 24 hours, and as most of us will report, am in NSR for 95% of the time, they are assuming I am ok ? I am now concerned they will try to fob me off and how will I convince them that I still get many episodes, short of going to A&E which will be the only way of catching one on an ECG.

    I noticed that the letter stated "dictated 11th June, typed 24th June and not signed to save time". If I had taken 2 weeks to produce a letter in my working days I would have been sacked.

  • I'm still getting af attacks for 10min-1hr, once a day, sometimes more a day, I had my second ablation done on April 4th, before I went in I got af once ever fortnight if that!!!

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