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First af on 10th aug and struggling. I'm 59, have disabled child 15 and 1 son 14 with sensory, on my own for the last 3yrs care for mum 86

I suspect after a fall downstairs at work early Feb that this has been building up I jokes a few weeks before the 10th that if I had a heart attack I wouldn't know as I thought the pains in my are were due to that fall. Now on apixaban and bisoprolol which is now reduced to 2.5mg. All the pain in arm has gone, didn't pick up on it as I have osteoarthritis, nerve damage and hypermobile ehlers-danlos so have pain everywhere daily. I haven't seen cardiologist yes since discharge but still don't feel right, breathless and raw feeling in chest and headache. Do I see gp to adjust meds a or wait for hospital appointment

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Go to GP.......be a pest! Don't just wait patiently! I am sure others will say same!


Hello daisy and welcome to the forum.

You have a lot to deal with in your life and your health has to be the priority. There are several things you can do to get more specific treatment. The easiest is to ring the cardiologist's secretary and ask how long you are likely to have to wait - that's assuming you know his/her name.

Talk to your GP - the breathlessness could be from the Bisoprolol but it's better to let your GP decide as that is the person who best understands your health and other commitments. He/she might also be able to ask for your cardiologist's appointment to be brought forward.

Best wishes.

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Thank you. I've had a bad night as just didn't feel right, guess it's stress as daughter dislocated knee at school. I'm ringing gp today for telephone consultation and see if he can see me. Thanks again


My experience is that just waiting gets you nowhere. There are far too many cracks in the MHS system to fall through so be a pest, an informed one.

May I suggest you go to the AFA website and the STARs website, both under the umbrella of the Arrythmia Alliance and read all you can regarding AF and treatments. Do you have any any vascular problems with your EDS? I am hyper mobile and have a little and have low BP & POTs. It complicates AF treatment and I couldn't tolerate Bisoprolol.

If so you may find that you would be better seeing a specialist in Cardiac with Autonomic Dysfunction.

Ensure you see someone with specialist knowledge in Arrythmias or Electrophysiologist (EP) whatever, not just a general cardiologist who tend to stay with drug therapies.

I can cope better with AF without any drug therapies other than Anti-coagulants - again I take Apixaban. Often, but not always vasovagal techniques will work for me to stop an episode and it is much better than feeling rough every days when I don't have episodes.



Welcome and hope you find this forum helpful, I've found it very supportive.


Thanks that's very helpful my appointment with cardiologist is in March, that seems such a long way away I'll talk about this to gp today as I had a stressful day with my daughter and have not slept well laying awake thinking I may need to call an ambulance again, my anxiety levels were sky high. Probs need something to help me with that I guess


You have a huge amount to cope with. AF and anxiety are bedfellows anyway, most people with AF suffer anxiety symptoms.

You do need coping strategies for the anxiety as external stimuli will trigger and exacerbate the AF.

I am sure it must be very difficult to find time to look after you, but you must if you are survive this. The first and best technique to learn is diaphragmatic breathing techniques which will slow your breathing down. Easy to learn and doesn't take more than 5 mins a day whenever you have a moment, but essential to practice every day. The. When you feel anxious go into this breathing technique.

Good luck with your GP!

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