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48 hours post ablation

Well, it's done. Far less discomfort than I expected, still feel tired and a bit ziggly (see earlier post!), but far better than I expected. For anyone about to have a cryoablation, let me reassure you, the expectation is FAR worse than the experience!! It was fascinating to see bits of me on the screen that I hadn't seen before, my cardiologist \ EP was tremendously informative and reassuring, explaining what I could see, and what he was about to do before he did it. Minimal pain (discomfort really) then back to the ward for recovery 4 hours later. Stay in overnight, then ECG and home. Lets see how the recovery goes.

Don't be afraid, you really are in the best of hands, treat it as an experience you can learn from, and hope we all can recover in our own way and time. Thanks for all the support from everyone on here, it's lovely to know that what you are feeling is not unique, and that you will get through this.

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Well done. Now rest for at least two weeks. Don't worry if you get a few bumps along the way as it will take months for full recovery.


Many thanks. I'm surprised how well I feel, but that might be just tempting fate!


Hi Adiepie :-) it good to hear you had a successful procedure.

Stay well...




Well done you - and thanks for giving the rest of us who are awaiting a first ablation, a bit of encouragement. Wishing you a successful recovery :o)

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Where did you have it done. I was also kept in overnight but I gather many people go home the same day.

There will be a few rough days ahead but I'm sure you've done the best thing for your heart.


Hi Mike. It was Leeds General Infirmary, superb staff and an amazing consultant. Thanks for the positive words, just feeling a bit tired after having walked round Lidl...


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