Purchasing a Kardia device in Canada

I have been following posts about the Kardia product and finally decided to purchase. However when I went on the website it was to find that they do not ship to Canada and the only place I can purchase is on Amazon. The product is advertised as $99 US on the AliveCor website and a whopping $329. canadian on Amazon. Total price gouging!! Any Canadians on the site found a better price or ideas?

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  • Doesnt seen fair but maybe a business opportunity! It looks like you can buy through eBay for about $135


  • thanks Goldie11 - I will check it out.

  • Not sure about any tax import charges though as they seem to all come from USA

  • Anna. Could you get someone in the UK say, to post you one out as a gift but for which you paid the person separately and privately? Anne

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