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Not Convinced

Just been in hospital 24 hrs.. BP shot up shallow breathing... 3 ecgs all fine.. Troponin in Bloods raised which indicates heart muscle prob..had Angeogram nothing showing.. Sending me as out patient for ECHO scan.. Think itbis stress and go back to GP if breathing is a problem!! They intially thought heart.. But were then very complacent.. On 75 mg of losatran any one else with side effects of this drug ?

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Snap Hanna. I was in hosp in July chest pain bp 206/140 said not cardiac. Thought gastric had urgent referral for endoscopy came back ok. Suggested stress ARGH. Now awaiting gastro app for October . Don't know what to say other than go with your gut feeling. If you are unhappy follow through with medics please don't be pushed about.

I am embarrassed how many times I have to go to GP but then it's their job to get to the bottom of this, still feel guilty though.

We have one body need to take care of it.

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Trying to say I was anxious.. Who would n't be.. Felt more breathless since coming home.. Easing a bit today.. Was told if u hve had an overload of blood thinners like 8 tabs two injections it can cause breathlessness.. No word of that on discharge.. Anyone else had that??


If I could like this twice I would



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