Low BP with PAF now

I was diagnosed last November and on Sotalol 80mm and Apixaban twice a day.

When I go into AF, my blood pressure drops from say 140 sys to 70 to 90 Sys , with corresponding dia drop, and feel bit dizzy and weak.

Am on BP meds, Ramapril 5mg and Amlodipine 5mg.

Mentioned it to GP last time, he seemed a bit surprised but not worried.

Just wondered if this happens to others.

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  • I wonder if this could partly be blamed on the loss of fluids many of us have when going into AF...ie frequent urination. Have you tried drinking more water to get your BP up a bit ?

    I've had similar happen to me but not always.


  • Thanks Yatsura, didn't know about loss of fluids, but don't think its that as I take meds for overactive bladder, so I tend to keep it daytime.

  • Yes, when I had AF attacks my BP plummeted. I agree with Yatsura that fluid is essential to raise BP and avoid dehydration. I also took some salt - not usually advisable but I have normally low sodium levels and low BP anyway.

    I assume it is caused by the heart's irregular pumping as well as dehydration.

  • Thats comforting Finvola thanks. I will cut the tea and just try water see if there is any effect.

  • Im not medically trained, but I understand that normal cuff type blood pressure monitors are unable to take accurate readings for folk with AF. It has to taken the old fashion way .....just a thought!

  • HiFlapjack, what is the old fashioned way, with the stethoscope and pump up jobbie ? My GP used one of those recently.

  • It's called a Sphygmomanometer and is a combination of your pump up jobbie and a stethoscope......I must admit to googling, hate anyone to think I'm a smart a**e!!!

  • Even if you are John. lol

  • LOL, think we're both called John

  • This is true, but modest with it.....hope you have a racey weekend, (Bob's into fast cars, not fast wimmin!!)...😉😜👍

  • Blood pressure is climbing up, still in AF, but less of an impact now.

    Are we supposed to take it easy whilst we have it?

  • Just do what you feel comfortable doing.....if you are married, no painting and decorating, gardening, washing up, window cleaning, hoovering, car washing, etc., etc...mefinks you are getting the picture!

    To be serious, only do what your body tells you can and do not over exert yourself.

  • Cheers Flapjack, did try to do a bit today but soon realised not a good idea.

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