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BP worries


Sat here really worrying. Have been suffering from AF since May this year. Two failed cardioversions and waiting now to see an EP specialist. Started on Amiodarone in July and went back into NSR 11th September. The last week my blood pressure has been increasing daily. I am taking 5mg Nebivolol and 10mg Ramipril daily also rivoroxiban and the Amiodarone. My blood pressure up to this last week or so has been fine. I have been monitoring it daily for my GP to keep an eye on. Why is it suddenly getting higher 166/90 this afternoon. My heart rate is constantly between 45 and 55. Any advice greatly appreciated as I am getting really upset and worried. Thanks

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The more stressd you get the higher it will go so please try not to worrying . BP will rise if course if you have any kind of infection so if you perhaps have a cold that would do it . (I have and know this). I would suggest that you see your GP , however, as it may be there is another reason or maybe your meds need changing.

I know from my own experience you start to get “white coat syndrome” at home if you get obsessive about taking your blood pressure. If you are still in NSR this will not apply but when folk are in AF, most home monitors are inaccurate.

I have been having similar BP problems but they are related to thyroid issues which have also affected my AF I have started on medication but what is most useful is to walk steadily for as long as you can each day. My pulse is similar to yours but the rate goes up into the 60s after a long walk and my BP then falls- you could try this to see if it helps. Also disregard the first reading as the sudden pressure affects the blood vessels- Take the average of the 2nd and 3rd reading ( my sensible GPs instructions!! and I note these are also advised buy NICE)

Tux18 in reply to rosyG

I’d just like to add my two cents and agree with you RosyG. Lately I’ve have not been able to get out and get my goal of 7,000 steps( or close to it ) and my BP has gone up.

Hopefully soon I can get my routine back as it helps so much to walk ...even if it’s a bit of a slow walk.

As BobD has just pointed out " The more stressed you get the higher it will go so please try not to worrying" , in my case it is so true and when in the past I knew my stressing was making my AF episodes worse. Since my recent ablation I have been making a real conscious attempt to try and breath through stressful situations and do believe I have made some good progress as I am a living stress ball. Recently I went for a pre-med for an operation and had my blood pressure checked, I am normally 120/80 , the reading was 155/90 I was shocked as I felt reasonably relaxed and when I said that she laughed and said how could I really be relaxed with what was going on and the thought of an operation looming. She took it again and it was 150/88 which was just on the border of OK as they always allow a large amount for stress. I took my blood pressure when I arrived home two hours later and it was 118/79 , another lesson learned. I know we are all so different but I am such a big believer in sharing as there is always someone a post will strike a chord with as if often the case when I read on this website and not just for me but my close ones.

It really is impossible to say, the Doc has much more details on your condition and will be able to best risk manage it. From my experience you need to change your Meds, getting the mix right can take some time and a lot of trial and error, its only your Doc/Cardiologist/EP that can advise on what is best for you. Thankfully with me it was significantly reducing my Meds that worked but whatever you do never change your Meds without the Docs guidance.

Hi I have white coat every time I go to the docs for my b p it is always 160 140 I get so nervous so they told me to get my own no monitor so I did do it about three days be for i go and much better the more you worry it don't help

Hiya Poppy

'Sat here , really worrying'

You can't, You mustn't. Don't go there.

If you are there already, leave immediately.

Get your emergency walking/shopping/gardening kit out.

Move, now , no excuses

It is cold, it is wet .it is windy

It's not warm and rosy, all wrapped up and cosy,

Say hello to the walkers you meet

Some will glower, some will grunt

Some will smile and say 'morning', others will examine the flooring

and the odd one or two will look down their noses and look for a door

a gate, or a stone to crawl under.

All part of the fun.


This makes my AF go away, or at least makes it much less severe. You might want to give it a try:


After 9 years of trying different foods and logging EVERYTHING I ate, I found sugar (and to a lesser degree, salt – i.e. dehydration) was triggering my Afib. Doctors don't want to hear this - there is no money in telling patients to eat less sugar. Each person has a different sugar threshold - and it changes as you get older, so you need to count every gram of sugar you eat every day (including natural sugars in fruits, etc.). My tolerance level was 190 grams of sugar per day 8 years ago, 85 grams a year and a half ago, and 60 grams today, so AFIB episodes are more frequent and last longer. If you keep your intake of sugar below your threshold level your AFIB will not happen again (easier said than done of course). It's not the food - it's the sugar (or salt - see below) IN the food that's causing your problems. Try it and you will see - should only take you 1 or 2 months of trial-and-error to find your threshold level. And for the record - ALL sugars are treated the same (honey, refined, agave, natural sugars in fruits, etc.). I successfully triggered AFIB by eating a bunch of plums and peaches one day just to test it out. In addition, I have noticed that moderate exercise (7-mile bike ride or 5-mile hike in the park) often puts my Afib heart back in to normal rhythm a couple hours later. Don’t know why – perhaps you burn off the excess sugars in your blood/muscles or sweat out excess salt??

Also, in addition to sugar, if you are dehydrated - this will trigger AFIB as well. It seems (but I have no proof of this) that a little uptick of salt in your blood is being treated the same as an uptick of sugar - both cause AFIB episodes. (I’m not a doctor – it may be the sugar in your muscles/organs and not in your blood, don’t know). In any case you have to keep hydrated, and not eat too much salt. The root problem is that our bodies are not processing sugar/salt properly and no doctor knows why, but the AFIB seems to be a symptom of this and not the primary problem, but medicine is not advanced enough to know the core reason that causes AFIB at this time. You can have a healthy heart and still have Afib – something inside us is triggering it when we eat too much sugar or get (even a little) dehydrated. Find out the core reason for this and you will be a millionaire and make the cover of Time Magazine! Good luck! -

rosyG in reply to Hidden

wonder what your BP is? Exercise will lower it afterwards and perhaps that's why the AF stops?

Hidden in reply to rosyG

Don't know for sure, Rosy. All I know is that it often (but not always) works. Although if I overexercise it doesn't work, only if I do moderate (4-5 mile walk in the park or 5-7 mile bike ride) exercise. I don't keep track of my BP so can't help there. Although sometimes the Afib stops WHILE I am exercising and my BP surely would be up at that point.

Hope you are having a great Fall Season. Take care.

- Rick Hyer.

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