AVJ procedure

Hi. I do not know if this post is acceptable or not. But I am full of anxieties tonight.

I am Marney,s husband . She has been doing the posts. She has had ablation for afib today, and is still in hospitol and won,t be out till tommorrow as she is still heavily sedated.

The doctor ( who is great and doing this for 20 years) says that he is not very optimistic this time. He says it probably won,t change too much and suggest that Marney will need AVJ. That Is when they block so that the pacemaker ( which Marney has) does all the work not just the low HR, but also the High HR. I know Marney won,t like this, but if the high HR continues it will be hard on her heart and continued poor quality of life.

The doc says, up until a few years ago, that was THE way it was done, before pulmonary vein ablation. And they still do many many this way.

I would welcome your comments before I go back to pick Marney up tommorrow morning.

Worried husband.

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  • Hello WH, I can't help much with your question as I have very little first hand knowledge about it, except to say my cardiologist told me the same about the use of pacemakers before ablations. I am sure other people will reply from experience (mostly good from what I've read) but I just wanted to say how good it is that Marney has a husband who cares so much about her. I know her poor QOL will be affecting both of you and I hope that either this ablation or the AVJ will improve it. Best wishes, Julia

  • Good morning

    I want to send you and your wife my best wishes.

    I am sorry but this subject is not anything I can comment on from experience.

    I hope we have other members of the forum who can reply to your concerns and hopefully give you some comfort.


  • I can't help.

    But know that we are thinking of her and you too.

    Please let us know how she is doing.

    Best wishes. X

  • She is lucky to have a caring husband. Can't comment as no experience of this, but wishing you all the best xxx

  • After 7 ablations my friend had this procedure and still manages regular 30 mile cycles and an active life. The only thing he finds is that he is no longer able to keep up on the hills and so now has an electric assisting bike.

    Once this is done there will be no need for any more ablations

  • Good morning sir, I can only relate to my father's experience, on whose behalf I actually write on this forum like you. His cardiologist also advised ablation of the AV node to improve the quality of life and ease the burden on the heart, particularly the high rate which highly increases the risk of stroke. My father reacted with shock of course, however he believes that he can continue to cope with the AF for now. The only comfort we had, and by this I mean my father predominantly of course, was that there are milions of people out there who are bradicardiacs and by default the pacemaker regulates their heart rate on a daily basis and they go on to live on full and healthy life for decades. One of our family friends had to have a pacemaker fitted in as early as he turned 30 years purely by a trip at ER, and it was the right choice. I wish you both the best and with love and care AF is a more manageable condition.

  • I am sure that the AV Node ablation would improve Marney's quality of life if it is needed. I know a member here who had it done some years ago with no problems. I understand you concern and wish you both well.

  • Yes, your post is very acceptable on our forum, so don't worry about that and feel free to ask any more questions. What a lovely caring husband you are to be concerned for your wife.

    Other members have given some inspiring messages to your post, so there's still hope for Marney to be quite fit again. Please let us know how things progress.

    Best wishes and a big hug to you both.


  • I don't have experience of AV node ablation but I wanted to add my thoughts and best wishes to you and your wife.

  • Really hope you find you wife feeling ok this morning. I understand your anxieties completely as does my husband who is supportive just as you are.

    The medics will do absolutely the best for your wife, please ask them lots of questions to be clear exactly what they are suggesting and how it will impact in the best way for your wife.

    Thinking of you both, all will be ok keep your chin up. X

  • Hi .from Marney husband. Thank all of you for your comments and good wishes. It shows people do care. I will talk with Marney about her options later today after she has some more rest. I will encourage her to take a bit of time to mull these over before she decides. Your comments are helpfull especially goldie11, it gives hope. Thanks again everyone

    Ps I will make sure she sees all these replies.

  • Hi - On Tuesday I had my first visit to an EP (paid privately my Cardiologist would not refer me) and his advice is to have Pace and Ablate, both procedures at the same. So I am a little taken aback by this, so know what you will be going through trying to make a decision. I was diagnosed wth AF 3 1/2 years ago and been on medication ever since, no cardioversions, no ablations and in permanent AF so it came as a bit of a shock when he came to this conclusion. Give Marney my best wishes and sounds as if we will both have to make some tough decisions.


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