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Ablations and cardioversions and internal defibrillator

I had my third ablation the end of May. It seems to be a failure as I went into afib about 2 days after the ablation. I had a cardioversion the end of July, put me in sinus rhythm for only 2 days. I had another cardioversion one week ago and was in NSR until last night. I am taking Coreg and propafanone, plus xarelto. I've been fighting afib since 2010 and it's really discouraging. I stay away from alcohol and caffeine. Try not to eat big meals. I guess I'm just discouraged that nothing seems to work for me. I had an echo 2 weeks ago which showed severe left atrial enlargement and an ejection fraction of 40-45. The doctor thought the coreg would help strengthen my heart. So I'm wondering if anyone has an internal defribrillator and what it's like? I'm wondering if my EP will suggest this as the next step.


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An ICD is not generally for correcting AF I'm afraid. They are used when ventricular fibrillation may be life ending.

A pacemaker may be offered followed a suitable time later by AV Node ablation making you pacemaker dependent but whilst this may enable a better output by regulating ventricular rate it would not stop the fibrillation which may continue and be felt. Those who have had AV Node pace and ablate do report improved QOL (quality of life).


Thank you!


Have you tried taking magnesium - for at least six months? (Search on here for details) It may help - see Dr Stephen T. Sinatra: Metabolic Caridiology - The Sinatra Solution


I have not. I should at least give this a try! Thanks!


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