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AF and feeling normal

Hi. I am fairly new to this site I feel like a novice when reading all the medical terms. I am in AF and I have been since I have known started in January. I had a cardioversion but I was only in sinus rhythm for 2 days. I hate being like this. Just wished I was med free and normal AFattacks are happening more frequently . I am waiting for another cardioversion and then possibly ablation or pacemaker.

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Hi there Sandigirl. You might find a-fib.com/glossary/ useful.

Yes, AF is an unwelcome addition to our lives, but many of us have got on top of it. It sounds like there are ways forwards for you and you are already making progress.


Hi Sandgirl! I hope you are under the care of a good EP (electrophysiologist= a cardiologist with extra training on the electrical workings of the heart) All the research now points to the best result when ablation happens soon after diagnosis. So I hope you can get in to see an EP soon and see what works best for you. Meanwhile, make sure you are living your healthiest life with a heart healthy diet of fruits and vegetables and whole grains; getting good sleep, managing your stress well, and getting regular exercise. Wishing you well!

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Thank you. I am finding it hard to mantain the healthy lifestyle that I have always had. I have my 9 year old twin grandaughters living with me and when they see me getting breathless/sweating excessively etc they are getting very concerned. I think I just feel frustrated that I cant do things that we all used too do together. Also I have had alot of problems with the medication I am on. I cant seem to tolerate them.


There are lots of medication choices, so if you are feeling poorly on one combo, there may be another that feels better for you. Don't be afraid to speak up and not settle for feeling unwell. It is totally frustrating to feel like this is getting in the way of your life. Hopefully your EP will work with you so that you can feel well I hope you get your cardioversion/ ablation soon so you do!


Hi Sandigirl I too am. Like you have problems with toleration of tablets, I notice that you have had a reply from SRRGrandma, she is a lovely lady was an extremely good friend when I had a hysterectomy last year, she helped me through it bless her. I have just started taking new tabs and like you I feel really poorly, have a job to get through the day. Hope you get yours sorted out Sann


Thank you. I feel as though my self esteem has took a knocking. I have wanted to post on this site but I havnt had the confidence to do it. I dont let my A F get me down or I try not too. I had a cardioversion in May and 2 days later I completed a 21 mile sponsored walk with 10 members of my family for a cause that was very dear to all off us. I have my 2 twin grandaughters living with me so I have to be as normal as possible for them. The hardest thing is the fatique and breathlessness but when we are out for the day and they slip their little hands in mine when going up hills that I usually try and avoid it makes me realize how special my life is to them.xxx


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