Persistent cough

Hello. I have had afib for 14 years. I have a persistent cough with phlegm for most of those years. I am wondering if it is from meds? At present I use bisoprolol and propefonone. The cough seems more persistent in early morning, early eve. And sometimes middle of night. As I mentioned I feel it is caused by meds. Does anyone else have this problem with meds? Marney

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  • And you are just worrying about it now after 14 years? Have you spoken to your doctor? Propafanone does have some beta blocking function as well as anti-arrhythmic so could affect breathing as can bisoprolol but this would not really explain the phlegm. Again not sure why you are on both drugs as there is overlap . You really need to speak to your consultant as your GP is not the person to deal with anti arrhythmic drugs.

    usual caveat not medically trained etc etc.

  • Yes it was my EP that put me on these drugs lately. Marney

  • If this was a recent change of drugs then it seems unlikely that they are to blame if you have had this for fourteen years?

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