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Does AFib always present with an irregular ventricular rhythm?

I have just purchased a personal ECG machine* . My ventricular rhythm is regular, but there are lots of tiny waves in between the ventricular beats (which I have read is how Atrial Fibrillation looks on an ECG, but perhaps it is just interference).

Could anyone tell me if a regular ventricular rhythm definitely means I am not in AFib?

Many thanks, Julian

*Heal Force Prince 180B - very good first impressions, and reasonably priced.

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Most likely it is interference. In AF the ventricular rate is always irregular, but sometimes the irregularity can be quite subtle. However it is likely the ecg machine will not report it as regular if you are in AF. Not being able to see clear p waves does not mean you are in AF, so I think this sounds reassuring especially if your heart rate is not raised.


Hi Goldie, If not seeing clear P waves does not mean you are in AF, then what does it mean? What are you basing this statement on?

Conversely, would it then be challenged that having a clear P wave present does not necessarily mean you are not in AF?


Lots of reasons why you may not see clear p waves, the commonest being technical. Clear Regular p waves only occurring before each QRS complex excludes AF.


Just so i am clear:

If a P wave, then no AF, paroxysmal, persistent or otherwise?

This is as I have always thought, but I have been off in different knowledge pools for the last 3 years and my focus shifted from cardiac/EP to endocrine and biocellular.

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yes if definite P wave no AF


I have a similar handheld. I had this problem too, when I connected the device with my fingers. Wetting my fingers improved the signal quality. The best quality signal was displayed when I used the ECG cable. If Heal Force does not have ECG cable, then you can úush the left side electrode surface (again wetted) to your thorax.

Atrial fibrillation is always irregular.

With my handheld it was possibile to record in continous mode. The continous records likely may contain less noisy/interfering segments.

Good Luck:


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Thanks both. I can confirm that the ripples I was seeing were just interference. I tried the ECG cable last night and the ripples disappeared.

And thanks for the knowledge on the regular beat. I saw my GP last night and she confirmed the same, that AF always presents as irregular.


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