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Almost three weeks post ablation - SOB

I am 2.5 weeks post ablation. I had two AFIB episodes in the hospital the night of the ablation and since then just had a raised heart rate a couple times lasting for less than 30 minutes. But I feel so short of breath. They did a chest x-ray last Friday and no fluid or infection. Doctor said it will take time to heal. When I am laying down I don't get the SOB only when upright and my oxygen saturation averages 88 but sometimes dips below this. Last week and this week working from home but suppose to return to the office next week, which I am worried about. How long will this SOB last?

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We are all different but it sounds like there may be some pulmonary vein stenosis from the ablation. That is the only reason I could think of for the low blood ox but I am not a medic, just know a bit. Try not to over do things and see if you can extend your period off work.


Thank you for the reply. The doctor started me on prednisone (low dosage). I also have an AVM in the lung although he said it did cause any issues during the ablation. In the past it hasn't caused me issues, but maybe the heart and the AVM are just mad.


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