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Snoring and A Fib

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I have read about sleep apnoea and A I decided to have a24 hour sleep study done.The results indicated that I did not have sleep apnoea but my partner complains of my loud snoring. I am not aware of having A Fib during the night but wonder if this is connected to snoring. Does anyone else have this situation? My medication is 120mg Verapamil daily ,Ramipril 1.25mg daily,Atorvastatin80mg daily and Wafarin 2mg each night. Look forward to hearing from fellow snorers.

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If everybody who snored had AF the world would be full of us. My wife sound like a chain saw most nights and doesn't have AF. She tells me I snore but I never notice as I'm asleep.

Try not to blame everything on AF. We all do it! lol

Snoring and sleep apnoea are not always connected and snoring per se doesn't cause AF.

There's a post on this forum placed a few days ago and the person was saying how their snoring had stopped after they started taking AF medication. They had also reduced their salt intake and thought it could perhaps be that too.

Losing weight is said to help as does singing which strengthens the throat muscles. Also my daughter claims her husband snores if he's been drinking alcohol.


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