A fib

My mother was told 35 years ago that she had a fib , she is 94 today lives on her own , she is as sharp today as she was 40 years ago , is more shocked that I got it in January the youngest of her children all whom were born at home and all my mother takes is aspirin and eucardic once a day (was told 20 years ago she had a bad heart) so think positive all ye a fibbers .

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  • Such a positive post. Sorry to here you have afib but it must be such a help knowing your mum has dealt with it for all this time. Can I ask, does your mum have many episodes and has it got worse over time?


    Wendi XX

  • She doesn't seem to notice it any more ,there are certain food she won't eat ,I checked her pulse one day after I got a fib and her pulse was the same as mine before my cardioversion she had normal beats and etopic beats ,when she get up in the morning she has mollasses honey and cider viniger in water and a shot of aloe Vera and a concoction of stuff goes in her porridge and she has great skin for her age won't take the flu vaccine seems to work for her BRIAN

  • Thank you! What a positive boost to log in to. I'm sorry you have this blasted thing too but, with your superb mother's example to lead you, what could be better?

    Wishing you both well - you absolutely made my day. :)

  • Glad it has helped a all the best in the future, Brian.

  • Thank finvola .hope you have a great day .

  • Thank you Brian it seems that what ever your mum is doing it is working hope you both stay well .

  • Thanks souljacs4 ,we just have to make adjustments to our lives what eat ,drink ,exercise, but I do miss not be able to have a cold beer

    on a warm summer evening, Brian.

  • Know what you mean Brian I miss a nice glass of cold larger too. I like to drink a cold can of bass shandy which is nice.

  • Ah bliss , the simple things of life, Brian

  • Hi Brian, have you tried the alcohol free lagers that are now on the market. They have improved so much. If you really chill them first they go down really well. Only difference is the relaxed effect alcohol gives you. Also, a really chilled alcohol free white wine is acceptable with a meal. Good luck!

  • Well done to your mum. Hope you gave to same positive experience .

  • Thanks meadfoot , in the beginning I say to myself how the Hell did I get this .But it not what happens to you in life ,it's how you deal with it . Brian

  • That's so good to hear and has given me a great boost. Thank you for posting and also thanks to your mother for being a great inspiration.


  • Your welcome , jean, she does ask me how I am and I always reply ,not to bad and the she says (',what the hell does that mean) Theres a search party out for me if I don't turn up at the usual time (still a baby at 53)

  • How lovely to have someone concerned for you! Yes, mothers always view their offspring as needing looking after no matter what their age .

  • Brian, what fantastic info to share with all of us. Don't think you have anything to worry about with genes like that.

    Thank you for giving us all a boost!

    Send our regards to your mum.


  • Will do, Pat,all the best ,Brian

  • This is just what I needed to hear today because I'm feeling pretty awful today heart is racing 110 bpm and feeling sick hot got really scared and think im going to die I don't think it helped watching an ablation on you tube and some America dr saying people die of af karen x

  • Karen ,mine was 180 when I first got it and it goes higher for some people concentrate on the here and now getting it stabilised not what might be down the the road , I asked the nurse to turn off the sound on the heart machine because it was driving me cracked , try not to get worked up Brian

  • Thank you x

  • Thanks dgex2020 ,I will try them out , it's the cold effect I have to watch out for ,The only drink I have taken is a glass of red wine and I'm fine after it, Brian.

  • To Azbycx,

    Curious to know, does you mom take anticoagulants as well?



  • Hi adail, she just takes eucardic and aspirin ,They now say that aspirin is useless to prevent strokes ,I on the other hand was put on xerelto for 2 months ,expensive little tablet. Brian.

  • Love this post!! My nan is also in permanent AF and has been for donkeys years. She refuses to take any tablets for it and doesn't notice it anymore. The only thing she will take is a whisky every night before bed...she is nearly 97:)) xx

  • Hi vony ,they are in a league of their own , did you Nan ever take medication for it or did she ever have to go to a and e ,my mother was never in hospital for a fib ,I have had to go to a nd e 3 times ,is'nt it great to be able to enjoy a whiskey at 97. Brian.

  • Haha. Yes it's great Brian. My nan took some anti arrhythmia drug (can't remember which one) for a while and aspirin years ago but only for a short period and then got fed up with tablets and just refused everything except her whisky hahaha. She is still flying from Birmingham to N.Ireland where she was originally from to visit us!! Your mum sounds amazing. My nan never went to A and E but was investigated through her GP at hospital as an outpatient as she kept getting dizzy, although that all subsided eventually (probably when she went into permanent AF).

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