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One day at a time

I have been doing far better that the last time I posted. My crying spells have drastically declined to the point I only cry when something good happens. The pride is just overwhelming. I still cannot moved fast and im still a little wobbly, but nothing like I was. I will only allow people to talk about positive things and if they want to be negative, I send them away or hang the phone up on them. I have even warned them before I put all this in place. It has really been a huge help.

I still have nerve pain but it too has drastically dwindled. Some days I take no medication for pain some days I take just one or two. I'm getting better at long car rides and just enjoying the outdoors. The biggest hurdle I have to clear is getting back to driving. I tried s few days ago but I didn't get far. I backed out of the driveway and it took a few minutes then I parked back in the driveway. But I'm keeping things positive and I let everyone know. I just hope I heal faster than six months.

Being paced no faster than 90 has made things difficult. I don't walk fast and tire easy. But this past week I do just small things. Next week we will see what my doctor has to say. But so far things are going very well.

Hugz and love to all that need it.

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Wonderful to hear from you! I wondered how you were doing. That's great! Onwards and upwards - and many more good days to come. This will one day be all in the past (but you'll look back and remember all that you learnt through it!) Life is for living - and there's lots of good things out there!

Best wishes, Polski

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Congratulations glad you are doing so well keep up the good work xx

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I so admire your determination.


What an inspiration you are! I'll take that hug right now! Slower is still forward down a Brilliant road, so keep to it! Best regards!


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