I have just started taking DIGOXIN ( 62.5 micrograms) as an additional to BISOPOLO ( 10mg ) to slow my heart rate.

I am concerned by a medical reports that there is an increased risk of death for patients with specific heart problems using DIGOXIN

Any one else using or have used this drug, or any knowledge about it?

After being on Propafenone for just 48 hrs went into supraventricular trachycardia (yet again) I was admitted to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for 3 days observation.

The Propafenone was stopped and was given the choice between the drug Digoxin or an ablation.

I choose to give Digoxin a try.

Two years ago I was diagnosed as having atrial Flutter/Proxysmal atrial Fibrillation, left Anterior fascicular block and Persistent left superior vena cava which makes it very difficult getting a catheter into the heart for an ablation.

I take 8.5 mg warfarin

PS Digoxin seems to work for me (even went to the gym today)

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  • Hi rosailor I take Flecanide 100mg twice a day with another 100 mg for breakthrough runs . I was getting breakthroughs 3-4 times a week then he added Sigmaxin( Digoxin ) slow release which has reduced the runs down to 1 or 2 every couple of months - works really well for me . Blood test every 6 months to check Digoxin level in my blood & so far all good - happy

  • I have been on Digoxin for four years. I have never had a blood test to check it. ?? Also take Bisoprolol.

  • Took digoxin for years, it's only digitalis from foxglove - surely you'd feel it heart rate slowed down to danger level long before it showed up in blood. Also take flecanide, wafarin, nebovolil and dilzem and on them for the rest of mylife. Just grateful theymake me feel well enough to work and play - I never worry about side effects as without them I am a mess.

  • Checking levels for toxicity ,first year 6 monthly then 12 monthly . Everyone reacts differently to different drugs & combinations of other drugs . I also take Vascoardol-CD 180 mg & have been on drugs for AF for years also- I am happy with my Cardiologist decisions .

  • I am on 2 x 80mg Sotalol and 1 x 125mg digoxin and am ticking sort of ok now. I am due a Pace and Ablate this year. You may need to look at your INR a little bit more for a bit as I have found drug changes can make a difference. I have been 3.3 for some months and now 2.6

    Be Well

  • hi Rosailor I too take the same as you and I have become concerned because although my bp and pulse has normalised I have started to experience breathlessness and I have read digoxin and bisoprolol can cause this so am going to see cardiologist fr advice. with regards to the concoction being possibly fatal I have never heard that to be. Possible and am sure you need not worry about that. Wish you well goldiwonder.

  • Hi goldiwonder let me know what your cardiologist said as i also get breathlessness not through taking Digoxin as i only started taking this after my bypass.But have been taking bisoprolol for a few years .They have sent me for all the test going for lungs etc everything there is fine so i think it might be the pills but the doctors dont seem to want to take me off them .

  • I think breathlessness can be part of af quite a few of us get it on exertion. I do all tests normal and not on digoxin .

  • Hi Rosailor

    I have taken Digoxin in quite a high dose but unfortunately it didn't work for me, though I never had any side effects but, had it worked I would have been happy to stay on it. I also took Betablocker but that brought on Asthma, felt absolutely awful!

    I have had 2 ablations and now feel fine although I still have to take the calcium channel blocker, am also on 7mg Warfarin, also have high blood pressure, I know these meds are hopefully keeping me from having a stroke or heart attack so I just take one day at a time and hope I'll be fine. If you feel quite well on Digoxin I really wouldn't worry, it's just good to be able to get on with your day to day life. My nan was on Digoxin for years, she was absolutely fine.

    All the best. X

  • I have taken Digoxin 1.25mg for over a year now. Apart from bad nightmares if I take it too near bed time I have had no problems I take Pradaxa rather than Warferin.

    I have had no warnings from the doctor about Digoxin and I did not see anything untoward in the leaflet in the box.

    Regards, Lenana

  • Sorry, in my reply to rosailor I said I take 1.25mg Digoxin, in fact it is 125micrograms. !! Maybe Dioxin affects the brain ?!!


  • Hi, I was on Bisoprolol for a few month after my P/maker was fitted in 2012; I was constantly tired and breathless, after a cardiac check was changed to Sotolol 80mg x 2 and Digoxin 125microgram, this seemed to work for me and my only comment would be the amount of Digoxin you are taking , it does seem a very high dose !

  • I had to be hospitalised three times in the middle of last year due to severe AF. I am now awaiting my second ablation. Sadly waiting lists for ablations are getting longer in this area. In the meantime my cardiologist put my on 250 mg digoxin daily (since August) along with 120mg twice a day of Sotolol. This was meant to be for a short period of time until I had the op but now that timescale are getting longer I have asked for, and got an appointment at the cardiology clinic as I am getting concerned about the high dosage of medication I am taking. I am sure some of the unpleasant side effects I experience are due to the tablets. But having said that they do the trick as I have not had a serious episode of AF for five months.

  • Thank you all for replying and the information and reassurance on taking Digoxin.

    So far this is the first combination of drugs which really work for me.

    The negative information I found on the internet came from just the one source : a survey carried out in the U.S.A last September. It seems to be "a one off".

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