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Night Sweats


Does anyone know whether af can cause night sweats. I Am constantly being woken in the night wet through and it seems to be getting worse. I am not aware that my heart is doing anything unusual at the time but I must admit I haven't checked it. The only medication I'm on is rivaroxoban following an ablation last April. I'm 66 years old so not menopausal.

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Hi. Very unlikely to have anything to do with AF. Also unlikely to have anything to do with any meds you are on for AF. Thats my thoughts on this.


Nanabrodie in reply to pip_pip

Thanks Phil

I tend to agree, unlikely. Perhaps needs investigation?

Definitely get this investigated. I had night sweats, muscle pains, coughing spasms and was eventually diagnosed with a nasty autoimmune condition called Wegeners Disease. Make sure your GP does blood tests, including inflammatory protein.

Yes before my ablation last year, I was the same, would wake up totally drenched.

Thankfully not happened since

I guess we are into the realms of all being different but interestingly I noted last month that I have not had night sweats since having an ablation 6 months ago. Prior to that it was frequently to the point of happening nightly. Coincidence who knows? 58, fit, no other diagnosed issues...

Hi, I still get night sweats 10 years post menopause. I just assumed it was normal!! Quite a few of my non AFib friends do too.

Thank you all for your replies, I did suffer with night sweats during the menopause but then nothing for years. I then started getting the occasional one about a year ago and now I am getting them most nights more than once a night; such a nuisance.

There can be many causes for night sweats. I have autonomic nervous system dysfunction so I know a bit about that as a cause, but since it is not usual I'm assuming it's not relevant here...

Here are two very practical tips which have worked for me:

One very simple thing to try is, make sure you are properly hydrated, and keep a jug of water by your bed.

The reasoning is, when you are dehydrated your blood volume is lower and your heart may need to work harder to push blood around your body. This can cause the heart to go faster which generates a lot of heat, which then you have to sweat away to keep your temperature normal. The horrible irony is, the more dehydrated you are the more you will sweat and lose more water.

This may not be your problem but it is very simple to 'eliminate it from your enquiries'..

Wool-filled bedding wicks away moisture and so help keep your temperature constant. I got a wool-filled duvet and pillows and they made a vast difference.

If you think about wool-filled bedding, I would avoid Fogarty as they line theirs with polypropylene (the whole point is to wick away moisture and polypropylene will prevent this). I got mine from White Cloud about 8 years ago and it is as fresh as when I bought it, (whereas my feather pillow had become a mess of feather porridge), but White Cloud don't do them any more. John Lewis do a good wool duvet, my friend has that and I can vouch for it. Silk-filled pillows and duvets also good.

Hopefully you will get rid of the night sweats but if you don't then I highly recommend wool-filled bedding. A 'hot sleeper' and one who feels the cold can sleep under the same wool duvet and be comfortable. And, because dust mites can't live in wool, any allergies can be avoided.

Best regards, B.

Thank you B, I need a new winter duvet so will certainly look into a wool one.

hope i'm not putting a downer on this subject but I had same problem blaming it on my meds so went to drs and got all the tests possible done... I ended up finding out I have Lymphoma :( common thing night sweats.....but that's me !!!!!

Thanks but scary, did you not have any other symptoms?

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