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PAF & Pacemaker

I now have a kidney problem as well as PAF and a pacemaker for total heart block. Have been taking rivaroxaban since December and have got used to it now. I will have to have a pyleoplasty operation to repair a blockage on my left kidney and saw the consultant yesterday who explained the procedure. Alarm bells rang for me when he said he would have to turn the pacemaker off for a while so that he could use some form of electric current. As my pacemaker works all the time this has scared me.

Has anyone here had anything similar. I will be asking my pacemaker clinic about this before the operation but reassurances here will help. Thanks.

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Yes speak to the pacemaker clinic and ask for advice they will reassure you also a letter with the type of pacemaker you have, and don't forget you will need to maybe stop your anticoagulant for surgery, so you need to confirm at the and I assume you will have a preassessment before op day,,,,they will instruct you when to stop it,

We often do surgery and stop the pacemakers and then have the facilities to restart it, the anaesthetic doctor will review you too, and take special measure to monitor you...

Just make sure all your questions are answered before you go in , demand them if you have to, but usually they are all reviewed

Good luck

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Ask about heparin injections to bridge whilst off anticoagulants too

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Good idea. Thank you.


Good points. Thank you.


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