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High heart rate after two beers :-(


It has been 28 days after the ablation. I'm experiencing my heart rate would shoot up to 120BPM (in afib) from 60BPM after consuming two beers. It seems fine if I consume just only one beer. The symptom is very consistent and happens every time. The high heart rate will remain high for 10 to 15 hrs and it will back to normal again. Does an extra beer make that much difference?

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all depends on the beer i drink carling can have 3-4 pints

Maybe this is your body suggesting you don’t drink 2 beers?


Most of us AFers avoid alcohol like the plague.Why risk it?

'Every time'? I'm beginning to think there may be another trigger for AF. I don't want to be banned so will leave it to you to work out......

It is only a short time after your ablation. Why not take (at least) a month off alcohol, let your body recover a bit more, and then try again.

If it was me, and that second beer constantly put me in AF, I'd (reluctantly) stop drinking that second beer.

You could also try a different drink, to see if that's ok.

But at some point you may have to face up to the obvious.

how did you react to alcohol before your ablation?

As others have said......so soon after an Ablation!

Putting that to one side. It can happen if you are drinking ie whooshing your beer too fast, try sipping. Your beer/lager will also set it off if it is too cold, and then there is also the increasing volume of liquid in your stomach, now taking up the space that your heart might want to work in - now it cannot.

I have also said in the past; do not combine an overly full stomach of food, to then be topped up with copious amounts of liquid - that is certainly a receipe for an Afib episode. Personally I think an overly full stomach (whether it be food or drink, or for that matter both) puts a strain on our system, causing the heart to work harder in order to digest the contents.

I call the above - food for thought! You may drink to it in moderation - after your Ablation settles down😉

Just had my ablation 35 days ago. I stay away from alcohol after an ablation- are you taking meds? I am on amiodrone and it is so powerful - just don’t think it will mix.

Three months After my first ablation ( 11 months ago ) I had an very occasional beer or spritzer - then had another afib episode in March and onto second ablation. over the past four years on my journey with afib I have found the effects of alcohol just aren’t worth the taste of what I thought I liked.

I learned to find alternative non alcoholic drinks that I put in my mind before out and about- to look forward to- and most of the time it works - or I just have a half a beer, my husband enjoys drinking the other Ha - ha ha!

dorky I know but I have plenty of years I could have alcohol.

It is one day at a time- enjoy the present day

glenpointe in reply to Tantaanna

I've been experimenting how many drinks before my heart acting up. One beer seems to be fine, but after 2 beers, I can feel my heart racing. It's hard to do, but I'll stick with one drink for a while longer. Now, I m on Eliquis twice a day...and hopefully will get off in near future.

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