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Anyone out there on this. I started taking it but it made me wee so much I stopped - I don't really know whether i need it or not as not sure I need a diuretic but thought I would ask here as it is going to take me a month to get back to see my GP for a routine appointment.

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I refused to take amiloride because of all the nasty side affects & I don't appear to be any worse off not taking it. In fact I haven't had any more cardiac issues since refusing to take the drug. So in my opinion you do not need it but listen to the doctors advice but make up your own mind like I did.

Thanks for that. We are fed up with not being able to get the same answer twice from a GP My appointment to see a local cardiologist has come through for 18 september and all this started in April. I initially paid to see a private cardiologist as I am a member of Benenden Health Care so I could pay for an initial consultation and tests up tot he value of £1500 but an echo and chest CT with dye and followup consultation soon ate that money up. So my wife and I are continually on the internet looking everything up. All the internet searching throws up more and more questions so I think I will be asking lots more questions now!


My cardiologist put me on Furosemide which is fairly mild and not as aggressive as some diuretics. Might be worthwhile checking this with your GP/Cardiologist

All dirurectics will make you wee alot, thats what they are for to get rid of excess fluid. I take Furosemide 40gm when neccessary, if I have fluid on my feet and ankles. This can be for a few days then may not need them again for a few weeks. Do you have persistant fluid build up? or just some times. I have never taken the drug that you are on but it is probably similar to Furosimide. When I do take one I have to make sure I am not going out for 4 or 5 hours because you have to be near a loo - which is a bit inconvenient. Hope you get it sorted.


Yes I know what a diuretic is for. Previously I had been on furosemide both 20 and 40 either once or twice a day and for me they worked well for a couple of hours I needed to be close to the lavatory and then the rest of the day was fine. I have prostate and bladder problems so get up at least 4 times a night to urinate. The furosemide seemed to help with this as I generally didn't get up so many times to urinate at night - a benefit I was not expecting. I was put on amiloride for the potassium saving element but I was urinating almost constantly for 24 hours and had to be rehydrated. I still have furosemide so may take that when I think I need it. Do not have swelling and haven't really had it. Just slight swelling in ankles at the end of the day especially if I have been sat down a lot - like driving on a long journey. Just wondered if it was important to take it regularly that was all.


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