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I just came across this page

And i do not know if anyone could be of help

Does anyone know where i can get apixaban for less .

My mum has been on it for her stroke for 2yrs now

Was prescribed in the U.K. But we had to bring her back to Nigeria where we live but getting it takes time because before it gets to us it's sometimes usually late... so we started buying and the price went really up to like 150pounds 😂now we resulted into Wallfreen

The trouble of that drug is always too much with the regular blood test and all. So we thinking mum shl go back to apixaban

So i need help on where to get for less

Any help wld be needed and appreciated

My email addy is this


Thanks 🙏

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Here in the states, you can download a coupon to lower price, but don't know how often you can do this, or if it applies to mail orders. Good luck!

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