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So I have been suffering from AF since 2000. I had 3 failed ablations and I am currently on 100 mg Tambocor and I take an extra 100 mg when in AF.

I am in AF right now and just feel awful. I always convert to sinus rhythm after an additional 100 mg.

But apparently today it just isn't working.

I have never had a cardioversion and am really scared of it.

How long does your AF last normally?


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There really is nothing to be scared of Katie. I've had loads. But you are getting ahead of yourself as you may not need one.

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Hi Katie,

My Afib episodes can last for 24 hours and then convert to normal SR. everyone is different, try to do deep breathing and relax, you will covert. Find a doctor you can trust and discuss your fears. What you are going through has happened to most people with Afib.

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Bob is right no need to be scared but I agree it is not pleasant and it can be depressing to not know when the AF will stop.

If you are not anticoagulated you probably only have 48 hours before they would not do a cardioversion anyway. It depends on how symptomatic you are as to whether you seek help and advice.

If you are anticoagulated it may still not be acceptable for the doctors to perform a cardioversion unless they are confident you have been steady for at least 4 weeks.

If all things are acceptable and the Doctor does offer a cardioversion you should not be scared of that either. I have had probably around 15 over the past 25 years and whilst not exactly what you may want to happen it is no big deal to experience and of course you will be given a short anaesthetic so you won't know anything about it and it really feels good after when you are back in NSR.

Having explained all that the most likely scenario will be that your heart will flip back into NSR all on its own.


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If you have experienced 3 Ablations then really a conversion will be a walk in the park for you. I procedure you have never experienced can be scarey. You will know nothing about it and perhaps a few days to get over the anesthetic and you will be right as rain. Don't worry about it...it is worry wasted.


Here they gave me as the doctor said the Micheal Jackson drug to knock me into twilight. The fastest one I had took around 15 minutes.


Don't think of them as failed ablations. Think of them as building blocks to fix your AF for a periodof time. If you are symptomatic then it is well.worth it. Also you most likely will already has cardioversions after the ablations. So nothing to worry about.


My episodes last anything from 24-36 hours even after taking an extra 80 mg of Sotalol before reverting to NSR.


Hi. The episode is over and last about 6 hours. Thank you so much for your comfort, help and info.

My previous ablations were done under sedation so I pretty much experienced the burning. I know some doctors use general anaesthetic. Mine were all radiofrequency ablations. Probleem is that I had open heart surgery when I was 18 years old. This left some scar tissue which makes it more difficult to work with. I know my doctor is reluctant to perform a fourth one.


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