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Continuing Bisprolol


Diagnosed with AF last June after pneumonia found to have Leaking Mitral Valve.

Given apixban and bisprolol.

Had cardioversion in May back in NSR off apixban but still on Bisprolol.

Is this normal as has slowed me down completely.

GP surprised that Cardologist has discharged me back to there care so quickly.

Scan for leaking valve later in a the year.

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Did you have constant AF up until you had your cardioversion?


Yes constant

I wonder why you have come off Apixaban so quickly, but been kept on Bisoprolol. Usually it's the other way around. Thinking back do you think you had AF before the pneumonia or did the pneumonia trigger it? If you need a beta blocker, then surely you still need your Apixaban. Perhaps you are still quite young and it's not thought necessary?

As far as I am aware pneumonia was the triggger. 52 years old so Cardologist said no need for apixban as no indications of stroke risk as in NSR.

Not sure why left on Bisprolol will need to check with GP.

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