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A Newbie with LVF

Hi guys :) I am a complete newbie on here and I've only in the last 2 months been diagnosed with LVF and because of my "white coat" aversion to anything medical we are still awaiting my heart rate to reduce enough for them to be able to take consistent enough images from an echocardiogram. I am now on 80mg of Furosemide and 2.5mg of Bisoprolol and at the weekend, I believe, I am going to be put on Ramipril too. Initially my breathing issues were put down to asthma and during an assessment the thinking changed and I was sent off for a chest x-ray. 2.5hours later I was being rung by my GP's surgery to be told "no this can't wait" and that I had to go to A&E ASAP to have my lungs drained as they were full of fluid! So basically for someone who had up until early May NEVER had a blood test, let alone anything else - I've now clocked up 6 blood tests, 3 ECG's, a chest x-ray, an overnight stay in hospital, a cannula being inserted and now a selection of drugs too.... All this has been quite scary to be honest but I've got a great cardiac nurse, a fab GP surgery and I am sure my cardiologist is great (not met him yet). So any advice would be very welcome as I need to lose about 10st - 30lbs already lost since 1 May 2017 so I am well on the way :) Thankfully I don't smoke or drink so a little something in my favour! LOL x

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Sounds like you've turned your life around. Well done


Thank you, goldie11 - I am certainly on the way and in a better place than I was at the beginning of May :)


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