Sotalol 40 mg

My cardiologist is a very good and caring individual who goes the extra mile for you. I was surprised when he suggested moving away from Bisoporol and Flecanide and suggested Sotalol to combat my AF and Atrial Flutter

He explained that there could be side effects and I was started on a low dose (40mgx2) increasing if I can tolerate it to 80 mg twice daily

Has anyone found that Sotalol works for them as I have seen that it is no longer a drug of choice

Additionally I am being assessed for an ablation


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  • No as you say in UK Sotalol is not much used these days and taken off the advised list. My understanding is that it is both beta blocker and anti-arrhythmic but has problems in that at doses large enough to be anti-arrhythmic can cause some dangerous other arrhythmias in some people. My question would be is your cardio an arrhythmia specialist (an electrophysiologist.) He may be very caring but is he up to speed on latest ideas and treatments? An EP would be.

    What is to assess about ablation? If you have paroxysmal AF and dugs are not able to control it then you fall into the approved category. All that then matters is your decision yes or no and probably a long wait.

  • Thanks for reply In respect of the assessment I am just going through the process and this appears to be the step to get me on the waiting list I hear that waiting times at Leicester are around 4 months

  • If you fail two drug regimes then you pass if you see what I mean. Sotalol makes that three in my view. Good luck anyway.

  • Thanks It is a maize trying to negotiate your way through

  • I moved from bisoprolol and flecainide to sotalol and it was OK. Since my cryoablation 2½ years ago, I have continued with sotalol as a PIP. I use it infrequently but it seems to help with the control of the one or two ectopic runs I have had.

  • Thanks for replyI It's helpful to hear from others who have travelled the same path

  • I also use sotalol as a PIP, I have had two ablations and rare occurrences of AF

  • My EP put me on Sotalol for a short while last year, he said it was good for my atrial flutter. Unfortunately it didn't work for me, so I went back on Flecainide.


  • Thanks for reply It's really helpful

  • I have used Soltalol as PIp for 15 years and it worked well for me then. I found it not to be as effective as a daily drug for PAF when it became more regular. I was taking up to 4 x 40mg a day and PAF would break through, however after, a so far successful cryoablation last year,I just keep 40mg as a PIp again, but not used yet ! Long may it last! Good luck and hopefully an ablation will work for you too.

    with good wishes


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  • Hi

    Yes I take 40mg of Sotolol twice daily and it certainly keeps the af at bay, the only side effects I get are aching legs and a little breathless. At my pacemaker check on Wednesday they were pleased with how things were and to delay the AV node ablation. Aching legs are a nuisance though.

    Good luck

  • Thanks for reply It's useful to hear of your experiences as it is helpfu

  • I have been taking 80mg twice a day of Sotalol for over twelve months and take an extra tablet when I get an attack of AF. I was taking Bisoprol and Flecainide but it didn't suit me and ended up in hospital.

  • Thanks for replying It really helps to hear other people's experiences

  • Sotalol (and the related dronedarone) either works very well, as it did for a friend of mine, or not at all (for me).

    If you have no improvement or problems with it after a week phone your doctor to ask to go back to the old treatement.

  • Thanks for your reply It was helpful

  • Have been on Sotalol 40mg twice a day for 9 years and talking to a Cardiologist recently told me to continue with same.

    Hope it goes OK for you.

  • Thank you for replying Other people's experiences really help

  • I was shifted to ~Sotalol after problems with Amariodarone after a cardioversion for atrial flutter. and have not experienced any side effects (or, apart from a isolated episode, any recurrence of AF)/. As with any drugs some people will experience side effects and others won't. Why not give Sotalol a try but be alert for any side effects.

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  • I'm on Sotalol 80mg twice a day and 40mg, if in AF. My cardiologist switched me from amiodarone in 2010 because of breakthrough AF. Even after both ablations my EP has kept me on this dosage. No side effects except my blood pressure is generally on the low end of normal.

  • Thanks for replying It's very useful to hear of other people's experiences

  • I am on 160mg twice a day of sotalol for PAF the smaller doses didn't work for me. I have a pacemaker so am able to be given this high dose. So far so good. I started out taking 80mg twice a day gradually my GP increased this because my AF was not kept at bay. I do not have any significant side affects except tiredness. Fingers crossed it gives me some release for a while at least. Go for it.

  • Thanks I am definitely going to give it a good go

  • To my surprise soltalol works very well after two ablations and previous bisoprolol for persistent AF. Early days yet but feeling quite good. Headaches and aching joints which I hope will ease but being in NSR is such a relief that I feel I can breathe again

  • Thanks I am encouraged by many of the positive comments to give it a good try

  • After spell in hospital last year for AFib, I have 80mg Sotalol twice a day and seems to do well for me.

  • Thanks for replying It helps to learn of others experiences

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