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Rate Control

Well, my AF broke through the Amiodarone and left me hospitalised again. This time the Cardioligist is trying a Rate Control Strategy continuing with maintenance dose of 200 mg of Amiodarone in the morning and 7.5 Bisop. in the evening just before bed.

He said that the body would, eventually, get used to having a BPM of 70 - 123 and might even pop back into NSR on it's own - but on day one I am very breathless and not having much fun.

Does this sound familiar to others on a Rate Control Strategy for AF ?

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Hello, I am new to this site but I understand what you are going through.

Well, your body will get use to having bpm of 70 to 123 a minute like the doctors said, but since it is day 1, you feel really bad because you have not gotten see to it yet.Soon your body should adapt.I remember when I had to get an ablation done It took me a long time to just get out of bed without feeling breathless.However if you dont get better after a while contact your doctor or cardiologist. I wish you the best of luck and GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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You adapt but if you are on the worse of the extreme you do tend to be more lethargic and tired all the time. You get used to feeling crummy and doing less. I did stuff otherwise I would be in bed 24/7. It really wasn't adapting just doing what I had to do and had to forget how bad I felt all the time.


Very similar for me following my failed 3rd ablation my heart rate is all over the place ranging from 55-125. As son as I stand my HR shoots up 120 but I am getting used to it and going about my usual day to day activities. I do also get some spells of NSR usually in the morning when I wake, but this returns to 120 when I get up. My EP assures me it will not go above that so I am putting my faith in him. Funnily enough I actually feel better when HR is higher than when at its lowest. Problem is trying to sleep when I can feel it pumping away but the GP has given me some very mild sleeping tablets to take when desperate. Good luck and I hope you settle down soon.



Thanks All.

If nothing else it has made my mind up to go for the Pace and Ablate (P&A). Everything I have read about P&A suggests people get significant improvement in their QOL.

I meet with my EP in a month to discuss. At 58 I think it's unlikely that some new drug or procedure will be invented that will make a big difference to my heart issues.


Hi I am on a rate control to keep me in sinus. After an earlier dccv I was taking bisoprolol but thinking it was not necessary stopped. Within four days I was back in af after I did some strenuous exercise. It was decided that I would remain on bisoprolol after another dccv which I have done. So far I am still in sinus and I have had no scares even when I have done the same exercise. I have noticed my heart rate is lower doing exercise so I assume it was the higher rate which triggered the af. So far it seems to have worked for me.


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