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150 mg Pradaxa vs 75mg

I have been taking 75mg Pradaxa twice a day since I was diagnosed with A Fib 2 years ago and at my yearly check up with my EP he said I should be on 150mg instead. He said I should have been on 150 and that 75 was not enough. I questioned this as I don't like being on NOAC anyway and now on double the does. Just wondered if anyone else was on the 75mg dose for A Fib. When I first was diagnosed I was on just aspirin and Coreg but since I am female and 68 doc says I need anticoagulant. Just wish he hadn't upped me to the 150 as am afraid the risk of bleeding will be much worse.

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I am no longer taking Pradaxa but I did at the 150mg dose - which is the dose recommended to be effective. Your doctor is correct, my husband uses Pradaxa and was originally on 150mg dose which was reduced to 75mg at age 80years.

I think I would have been more concerned that I was on the incorrect and possibly ineffective lower dose for so long.

The risk of bleeds, especially brain bleeds which are there really concerning ones, from Pradaxa use is SO much less than aspirin.


The risk for bleeding is greater with aspirin than Pradaxa? Wow never heard that before. The Doc must not be that concerned about me being on the lower dose for that long as I asked him if I could finish the 75mg bottles I had before starting on the 150 and he said that would be okay. I had just received a 3 month supply when he switched me. I have Tricare and I save money by getting the 3 month supply.


Correct dose is 150mg unless you are very old or very slightly built. I would be asking why you have been left at risk for so long. Aspirin has more potential for harm to be honest with little or no benefit.


What about the 110mg dose. Was just looking at Pradaxa web site and noticed they have a 110mg dose. I have noticed recently that I have a bruise on my left arm and don’t remember hitting it or anything so afraid it is the anticoagulant. I just turned 70 and I do have a history of kidney stones so am going to ask my cardiologist about it at my next appointment. Do you know of anyone on the 110mg dose?


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