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Hi everyone

I've come here for a bit of advice, support and solace. My dad has had two strokes in the past ten weeks and was diagnosed with AF and heart failure after an heart echo test after his first stroke. He was in hospital 6 weeks and came home nearly 4 weeks ago. Last Sunday he took poorly at home and was rushed back into hospital. He is needing an operation next week (should of had it last Tuesday but was postponed by surgeon due to him wanting more scans doing). One of the scans the surgeon wants is a CMR scan. Is anybody familiar with this? My dad is having the scan on Monday. After that he'll be having a pacemaker and defibrilltor piece of kit implanted, again is anybody familiar with that either? We've been given booklets, leaflets, websites, and a liason nurse but I still would like advice from anyone who's actually been there so to speak. Thanks for reading :)


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  • Hi only part I can help with is my experience of a pacemaker. I can honestly say it has made a difference for the better for me.

  • Hi ive had a CMR its the same as a MRI...CMR can evaluate multiple aspects of the heart, including structure, function and blood supply to the heart

  • Thank you for the reply. Is it a quick procedure?


  • Think it was around 30 mins plus the prep before for the canular to be fitted for the perfusion test...which hospital is he having the scan at?

  • Wythenshawe hospital, Manchester

  • Same as me..if he is worried i.e claustrophobic let them know and they can give him a sedative

  • I have an ICD which is a pacemaker and defibrillator. Best thing I ever had. Gives you reassurance. Procedure is fairly straightforward but he will need to take it easy for a while so the leads can bed in. I haven't had a CRM but my MRI took about an hour, which seemed forever. They will want to be fairly compressed as once an ICD is in they can't do MRI scans anymore. It's a scary time for you all. If you do Facebook there is a good ICD support group.

  • Thank you so much for replying Linda. You've answered so many questions there for me x

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