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Chronotropic incompetence?

I am 10 weeks post chronotropic for atrial flutter. Prior to this I suffered asymptomatic bradycardi and ectopic. This progressed to flutter with resting pulse varying from 40 to 140. After chronotropic I now have permanent bradycardi and a low maximum heart rate of 117bpm. No ectopic. I am still asymptomatic and despite the low maximum heart I can run 5 miles 2 or 3 times per week with no abnormal discomfort. Some of this I have reported previously. However I have read recent that this low maximum heart rate is described as chronotropic incompetence which apparently does not have a favourable prognosis. Any members knowledge or experience would be appreciated.


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I have no experience but a very quick search revealed this which may be of interest to you?


Hi Jimmy,

my guess is that because you are regular runner, the bradycardia is quit normal for you. My resting heart rate is 50-60 bpm and I was professional waterpolo playes. Still I'm playin in senior team and also I do 2-3 road baiking per week. I have regularly atrial fibrillations without any symptom. I can bike even at fibrillation without any restriction or symptoms.

Concerning the heart rate, the fibrillation is irregular arrhythmia, therefore the heart rate and pulse rate is virtually jumping up and down. For relaible data you have to measure your rate at least for 1 min and calculate the average.



For connections between exercise and the heart, by a cardiologist who is also a keen cyclist, try

'The Haywire Heart: How Too Much Exercise Can Kill You, and What You Can Do to Protect Your Heart'

by Christopher J Case & Dr John Mandrola


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