Rivaroxaban .. 20gm

I have just started taking this stuff, I take it at breakfast time, but I hear a lot of you take it with main meal. Just generally I have two weatabix with it.. I was never told to take it at dinner, just to take it with food.... I've not seen GP at all, only the A&E cardiologists. So, I take all meds in the morning, except statins...

What do you think..?

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  • HI,

    Take all my meds at breakfast time, never had a problem.


  • Follow instruction leaflet or doc if it's once a day and doesn't state when then up to you. Some meds better at night i.e. Statins

  • I'd prefer to take Rivaroxaban at breakfast time. In company I think it's quite acceptable to take a pill with one's breakfast. I find it somehow slightly awkward when one is out to an evening meal - which can be a slightly movable feast, especially if one is at a restaurant or visiting friends or at a wedding.

    You don't have to take Rivaroxaban with a substantial meal, as is the case with some medication. Just 'with food' and I'd be OK with two Weetabix or a banana.

    I give Rivaroxaban ten out of ten, if not more. I am very happy taking it.

  • I was prescribed this by the cardiologist with no specific guidelines or advice. It was only reading the pack notes and comments here that i learnt it must be taken with food. Never ate breakfast before (too early in the day) so had to invest in a box of musli and now take the pill with two spoons of the pap as late in the a.m. as possible.

  • If once a day take with any meal

  • Cool ,, great,, thanks

  • Hello ,

    I have been takining them for over 2yrs now at breakfast,2 Weetabix and banana and my other 12 Pills!!!! No problem.


  • Hi, I have been taking Rivaroxaban 20 gm for just over a year. Have always taken it with an early breakfast (half way in between two slices of toast), along with all other pills, as it suits me better to get it/them out of the way for the day.

    Pre AFib, I didn't use to eat any breakfast.

    Even when I have been a hospital patient on a cardio ward, more than once, I have done the same. Sometimes in hospital breakfast can be late, so I have taken it/them with two digestive biscuits. I always take a packet in with me, just in case! Nursing staff were aware and agreed it to be ok.

    I sometimes think I may worry too much about these things and try to be too precise, but that's me :).

    Best wishes, Avril

  • I take mine after my evening meal because when I took it in the morning it made me feel sick and get an upset tum. The GP and Cardiologist said its fine to take after a larger meal in the evening . Most people tend to remember their medications first thing in the morning better and prefer to "get them out of the way" and then do not have to remember them later in the day. .

  • I do take in the morning but wonder if it would be better in evening as if you have an accident you have to wait for the effects of the tablet to wear off before surgery and do if you have already had 12 hours overnight the wait will be less as u r more likely to get e an accident during the day than in bed?

  • Hi Songbird

    I understand that if you have an accident bad enough to need surgery, then they will not wait for the effects to wear off, in fact they will do the same as they would for anyone on an anti-coagulant which is to pack you with Prothrombin complex, which I understand, as well as giving Vit K, they also do for warfarin.

    And of course if you take Dabigitran, then the reversal agent is already licensed for use, and the one for Rivaroxaban, and Apixiaban should be with us later this year if the FDA and NICE get it sorted.

    Be well


  • Thanks for that really encouraging news - not what my GP said two years ago but she admits to being a bit vague on medications and I am glad to hear things are moving on

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