Anyone with AF living in the Stroud/Cheltenham/Gloucester area?

Hi, I'm wondering whether there's anyone else with AF living in or near Stroud/Chelt/Glos who would like to be in touch to exchange info re our local GPs, cardios, EPs and AF clinic? I'm hoping that perhaps we might be able to help each other navigate our local services to get the best treatment we can. Looking forward to hearing from anyone interested in making contact.

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  • Kath if you look up Chris Harmer in the members list he is in your area and done a lot of work with local CCG etc on AF treatment so may be worth your while contacting him. He doesn't post much these days but is listed as a volunteer.

  • Thanks Bob, will do.

  • Hi - I live in Portishead which is in the new Bristol/S Gloucester/N Somerset CCG grouping. Not sure how far North this reaches and whether it includes your area. I'm also active with my local Healthwatch.


  • Hi, I think you're in another health area - I don't think you'd be referred to Gloucester Royal or Cheltenham General. But have you come across Dr Tim Cripps, cardio in Bristol for NHS and Spire private hospital? I've heard good things about him.

  • Yes I think I'm in a different commissioning area - our referrals for cardiac are always to the BRI or Southmead. I'm not familiar with Tim Cripps, but the Bristol Heart institute (part of the BRI) is the local centre here and has good reports.

    But with all AF treatment, no-one is offering a cure, so my advice would be to focus on what causes you concern or problems and what can be done to reduce the effects of these.

    I would also recommend you contact your local Healthwatch to feed back your experience - they have some leverage with the CCG as they have a statutory role

    Good luck


  • Yes I would like to be in touch. This Afib. is so isolating. I live in the Cotswolds about 15 miles from Cheltenham. How should we be in touch?

  • Hi, I've got in touch with Jill who lives in Gloucester and we've just started emailing, and we might have a phone chat sometime. It's a very loose, open arrangement for whenever we feel like it with no pressure or expectations. We're both newly diagnosed, so finding our way around this whole topic and the local treatment options. You'd be very welcome to join in with us, if you'd like to message me with your email address.

  • My email address is

  • Hi am Stroud central [ Homebase] based, suffering from the restrictive services & closure of A&E too . As mine involves breathing oh dear??! We could meet up ?!

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