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Hello everyone!!!

Hi all, sorry not posted in a while, AF still behaving, seem to have 10 day episodes every six months now and just weird little bumps in between....I'm convinced the valsava method works for me. To be honest I do my best to ignore everything AF like the plague when I'm OK ..which makes me a rubbish poster on here...sorry!!

Anyway, you wouldn't believe it, my other half has been diagnosed with AF too and it gets stranger... He bought the Alivecor and three, yes three of his friends readings have shown with possible AF. Its so strange.

Anyway love and best wishes to all I'm just about to have a meltdown as a crow has just stolen one of my chickens eggs and hid it in my precious cosmos seedlings which I have obsessively nurtured since seed and are now thrown all over the place. Arghhh!!!


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Hi Booboo good to hear from you again and glad you are now coping so well, Shoot the Bl--dy crow! Cue tirade of abuse from crow lovers. I'M JOKING!!!!

We are plagued by rooks and jackdaws here. They live in the poplars on the hill behind the house and make a dreadful noise at bed time. They also steal all the fat balls from the feeding station when the magpies haven't already done that and s--t all over my car. They also attack Norbert our local buzzard whenever she comes over. Down yere in Devon they say "where there's a rook he's crow and where there's crows they's rooks".

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Yes they are buggers the crows. I made a huge fuss when my neighbour tried to cut trees down with crows nests he left them..... And this is how they repay me!! So amazing though, the way they hide their grub. Good to hear from you Bob x


Good news booboo - such a relief to get the AF under some degree of control.

Crows are clever sods - we have a pair of hooded crows nesting in our yard, attacking our windows from dawn because they see their darned reflections and are so aggressively protective of their territory and the noisy twerps in the nest! Our house has bird spikes, flapping plastic and even outdoor mosquito netting on the windows to help us get some sleep and keep our collie from going totally nuts!!


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