A big hello to everyone!

A big hello to everyone!

Thought it was about time I introduced myself having joined the group a few weeks ago. Compared to some of you, I feel like a novice. I have been taking medication for the usual stuff; hypertension, high Cholesterol and such but when the irregular heart rhythm and palpitations kicked in, I was completely taken aback. The first times this happened was in the middle of the night which of course is the worse time for health issues, very scary. Later I was informed that this was called Afib. The first few times, it kicked in and out usually after twelve hours or so but ten months back it stayed. After a week or so, I contacted my GP and was surprised by his reaction: Me: Doc "I've been in Af for three weeks now" Doc: " well yes, you will be". I expected him to finish off with "Get over it!" Since then, I have been getting on with life, trying to ignore the breathlessness at the least bit of exertion and the constant tiredness and the weekly 30 lengths of the swimming pool are now but a distant memory. I don't feel sorry for myself but I do feel angry. I have just finished sorting an eye problem, so give me a few weeks to gather my wits and will be ready to do battle! Cheers for now. Thumper70


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15 Replies

  • Hi ,

    welcome to a great site, loads of support on here for you, hope it helps, it has for me.

    Happy posting,


  • Hello and welcome and no doubt you will not be surprised when I say that this is not good enough. Read all you can from the AF Association website to prepare you for battle and then get referred to somebody who understands AF and can treat you. Make sure that your stroke risk has been properly assessed by doing your own CHADSVASC score as it would seem very likely that you should already be on anticoagulant. Ask to see an electrophysiologist if your local cardiologist does not offer sensible solutions. Ask any specific questions here and we will try to help but that stroke risk is first priority in my view.


  • A big welcome to you. Yes, I felt angry too, but my anger was partly because I felt everyone was over reacting, insisting on Warfarin for a complaint that had, 3000 hours into the year, raised its head for a mere 30 hours. I believed I was normal all the time except when AF kicked in and had not fully understood the situation as AF doesn't affect me very significantly. This didn't stop its intrusion into so many aspects of my life, which I bitterly resented. I've since done battle and am now in a far better place than I was two years ago. So good luck to you, Thumper, on your search for treatment and a drug regime that suits and controls. May you triumph and overcome the fetters that AF can bring.

  • Hi ! Thumper.... Have to agree with all that Bob has said. It's amazing the number of GP s who fob patients off in this manner

    Good luck!


  • Welcome. We were all novices on here once!!!!

    My view is to see your GP and get the GP to refer you to an EP.

    If you have been to a general cardiologist then see if there is an EP (in the same hospital) who does ablations in case that route is decided on whether in the near future or in a few years time). If there isn't then see if ther is an EP at another hospital within the same CCG or trust. The reason is that way the different consultants can access your notes and saves repeating the same tests.

    There is a list of EPs on the main AFA website.

  • See an EP - pay as it will be slit quicker - do it yourself rather waiting for a letter but make sure you have a list of all your ailments, medication & all procedures you've had done so the EP has the full picture not just a snap shot - best of luck

  • Sorry - I should have welcomed you too ... Welcome 😀

    Typing errors sorry ... Be a lot quicker.

    I was diagnosed with AF at the age of 50 - though nearer 51. Put on warfarin but taken off it when I had an ECG prior to cardio version ( which didn't go ahead) because at that particular moment my heart was in normal rhythm. 7 weeks later had an acute stroke - hospital for 16 days and not allowed back to teaching therefore ill health retirement.

    So make sure you are anti coagulated and that you do see an EP who specialised in the wiring of the body & importantly the heart.

  • And I really don't mean to panic you.

  • Hi ,I,m 4 months in, age 64. Was totally unknown to me. I feel robbed of my life,just retired. Very depressed and starting with panic attacks. My thinking is trying to be positive but it's just not working. I would love a long consultation with a professional just to talk about me and my AF ,we all seem so different! Off to Docs again later. This site is the best help I've had yet ,so. Supportive and it is good to know we aren't alone. Lovely photo by the way. You take care.bottle some of your positivity and send me some please,I'm trying so hard. Driving my partner insane !

  • hi christinedbur, can so relate to your comments , I am 3 months in, am 61 had taken early retirement enjoying this spending time with friends and grandkids, had small stroke in august when they then diagnosed the PAF, apparently had for several years , not known to me , life has changed so much for me, husband has not left my side since day of stroke, now heart issue, am very very emotional some days as I feel my life and independence as before has completely gone, cant just get up and do anymore, very frustrated, would love to chat to professional like you just want the information so I know I can do this ,this and this , but avoid this and that (hope this makes sense), think my hubby also gets frustrated cos he doesn't know how to help me , cuddles go a long way.

  • Please, all newbies, do not see yourselves as always being where you are now. Things can and do improve and so does one's sense of wellbeing. It is difficult and scary to start with but you will become more confident as time goes by. I feel I've dropped about 20 years from where I felt my age was two years ago.

    Not all 'professionals' are fully clued up. This forum however has a wealth of support for you.

  • thanks for that, yes support is what keeps everyone going isn't it

  • thank you ,I can truly see I'm not alone and sharing with each other is caring isn't it? I do hope things improve for all of us. . I'm off to the docs later, I feel if only I could sleep then I would cope so much better, wakeful nights are not helpful . you take care ,agree hugs and cuddles do help.

  • Thanks to everyone who posted such kind words of encouragement and support. To know you are out there in those " murky" times is very gratifying.

    Rock and Roll! Thumper70

  • I have to agree with Bob there is many things they can do to help you' get back the doc's and don't be fobbed off. xxx

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