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Possible 2nd ablation - what's new?

So, some 6 years after my first one (which was remarkably stress-free and successful) my EP thinks that I should have a "touch up" following a few recent and quite sustained bouts of AF. He alluded to some advances which mean that he should be able to target the errant areas. I remember reading something about 3D technology some time ago and was wondering if this is now widely available or is there something else?

I'm being treated at Liverpool HCH.

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Hi Frank,

Indeed, I had my ablation done just 4 weeks ago with this new technology. Its awesome and just about 2-3 years on the market.

Time of procedure is reduced to 2 hours. Its very precise as it can target specifically the foci areas. Not sure how many hospitals in Europe using it already but its deffinitely state of the art in ablation technology.




Wow, thanks that looks interesting. I'm pretty sure they must have it at Broadgreen as it's one of the best UK heart & chest units by reputation. But it'd be nice to get confirmation.

Thanks again.


I had a 3D computer image of my heart generated during my third ablation in Blackpool 18 months ago. They applied many stickers of a very cold variety to torso and back. The various images create a virtual heart that can be turned round and viewed from any direction. From the description I was given, it is a static image, unlike what 's described in the link ThomasM34 has provided.


Yes I remember something similar when I had my first one, so I think what Richard described is more advanced.


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