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Second Cryo-ablation day 13 post op

Hey folks,

Just a quick update. i'm on day 13 since my second ablation- My original post explains the details but I wanted to post an update. I'm feeling pretty good since about day 3. I did have afib again at day 6 (this past Monday) and it lasted from about 11:00 pm until the next morning and then nothing since. I expected to have some afib and jumps over the first few weeks but so far just the one episode. Still on the Cardizem and the Sotalol and the Eliquis until my June 9th followup when I hope to be weaning off the drugs. Energy is pretty good. Attitude is great. Sleeping well. No chest discomfort or extra fast heart rate. I'm at 70-75 bpm for the most part. Optimistic about my future from afib. I think because the original scarring is there that my side effects are lessened but what do I know. I'm not doctor...but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night...(old joke) - good luck folks.


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