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Five days post second ablation

I'm doing fine thanks god , just annoyed from my pulse it is between 80-100 even at rest where my normal pulse usually 50-60 at rest , based on EKG nothing showed wrong they told me it is fast normal heart beats , but I'm still not comfortable and didn't sleep well for two nights now , and can't control my anxiety anymore.

I think this is expected after ablation , isn't it ?

I prefer to take even small dose of bisoprolol for a while till my heart settle down , I'm having appointment tomorrow with my EP for check up after ablation

My doctor stopped my sotalol and I'm taking only warfarin

Any feedback

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Hi Maitha. I'm so pleased it's all over now. Fingers crossed its a success. I'm sure it will be as you have been to the best place you could possibly go to. Try and have some faith in your E.P. now and listen to what he says you should expect for the next few months. I'm a fine one to talk as I'm probably just as much of a worried as you are! Did you have a G.A. or sedation? X


I was not under sedation sadly , but it went fine with medication made me half asleep ;)

Thank you


My pulse was faster by about 20 beats a minute after my ablation. Felt very strange, but it is getting a bit slower 3 weeks on - and I'm noticing it less.


Thank you

That is what I'm having these days I feel so weirded , all my body is beating strongly with my heart beats and since I have also artificial heart valve it is more noisy because of the valve clicks

Hope as you said it will be calmer soon



Hi Maitha and glad things are getting sorted. Raised pulse is normal with ablation. Mine sat around 80 to 85 after my last but eventually settled down and now is mid 60 try not to worry!



That looks similar to my situation right now , thanks a lot for your kind input

My doctor advised me to walk daily , and I'm doing so and everything seems fine thank god.



Great you have had the ablation so now try to stay positive that all will be well. My heartbeat is faster since my ablation but it is regular and I feel good. It sounds like all is good so try to stay calm. Good luck.


Hi Maitha,

Really pleased the ablation is over and you can now start to recover and get your life back. How long did the ablation take and how long do you have to stay in the USA before you can fly home.

You have been wonderfully brave and I wish you a calm and healthy future. Big hugs.



My EPS and ablation took six hours , my EP informed me that SVTs where all over , it took him so long to ensure he covered all their paths.

I start to feel calm at last , my heart rhythm is more stable , even I'm having a lot of ectopic beats which I was having long time back, but thank god no more scary SVTs.

Today is my ten days post ablation , my doctor advised me to walk a lot and that is what I'm doing without any major episodes .

My recovery this time is a lot better than the first ablation where I think most of my complains related to sotalol

My pulse still little higher than usual but I'm sure it will go back to normal soon hopefully.

I'm not sure about going home yet , I have appointment this week to meet cardiologist to check about my artificial valve then to meet the EP doctor and hope everything will be fine so I can go back home .

I miss my family there a lot , and my work is awaiting for me either.

Thank you for your kind support.

What about you? How are you these days?hope you are feeling better these days


Pleased to hear things are mending for you and trust that your recovery continues to give you the outcome you are desperate for.

I am ok at the moment thank you and I am now on the ablation list. I have the same arrhythmia's as you.

Take care and wishing you a speedy recover and good trip home.




Hi, what was your HR after first ablation? I guess it's still early days though. Can't claim expertise on this. But after my first ablation it had bradycardia - 40 - 50 for 2 weeks before suddenly back into AF and period of 240 bpm. Try your best to relax as obviously anxiety will send HR up. Easier said than done though!



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