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Message for Mumknowsbest


I wonder if you could help me make up my mind about Pace and Ablate.

I'm 58 (m) with parox. AF. I'm on anti coagulants (20mg) and Biproposol (10mg). I'm flipping into AF every 10 days or so and have to be cardioverted to bring me back to NSR. I have has an ablation but it's looking like it wasn't successful. The EP has suggested we go down the Pace and Ablate route and I'm now trying to understand how this would effect me and you have been identified as the expert on this board.

I understand the Pace and Ablate process but I don't understand how it impacts you on a daily basis, like.......

I'm pretty breathless just now and lack energy, my BPM is 45. I understand that the pacemaker will bring my BPM up but did you notice an improvement in your energy levels and general well being?

What happens when you go into AF? Currently it feels like a pain in my chest and I get super wheezy. Do they still have to cardiovert you?

Have you had any problems travelling or using household equipment? Will I be able to use my sit on lawn mower?

Hope you can help.


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I will e mail the lady direct to prompt her as she may not be reading the forum.



Thanks so much, Bob.


Hi I have a pacemaker and actually flew to Greece three weeks later without problems. I kept my scar out of the sun(plaster over it). There are things one shouldn't do for six weeks lifting raising your arm above head etc. I kept my pacemaker info card handy but airport alarms didn't go off. Deep sea diving out no welding or MRI . Have to say my QOL is so much better 62 pacemaker working 98% of the time. Take meds too . If it's what you need weigh up the pros and cons good luck


Ps 62 and now back at gym 5/6 days a week


I suggest you research on here using the box in the top right-hand corner. There have been lots of previous posts on this subject which should help you.


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